Are ID cards a good idea

Are ID cards a good idea

“I am not naive enough to think that this would do away with fraud,or illegal misuse entirely, it may make it harder for a while but there is always someone out there clever enough to work a way round it.”

Mollie Hickman, aged 65, Handsworth.

“After the recent incidents of the Government losing sensitive personal information about thousands of its citizens, why on earth would we trust them with identity cards.

“In any case, they have enough of our data on record as it is. What they don’t have is the details of the thousands of illegals in this country. So any new identity collection programme should start with non UK citizens when they enter our country.

“Give THEM an identity card showing their country of origin, Best Fake ID websites whether or not they are permitted to work, or pay for NHS services, or be legible for benefits or free housing, and, most importantly, the date when they must leave the country.

“If Blunkett and his crew can make this work for ten or twenty years, then he might start gathering support from the citizenry. Until then, identity cards are a bad deal for us Brits!”

Peter Charles, aged 50, Hillsborough. buy fake ids

“The cost of this would be astronomical but I think it is a good idea to have a single ID card as I am fed up of being asked if I have any ID and not having any on my person.

“The only concerns I have is what information is going to held on the card other than my ID and the fact that the government seem to be pretty careless with people’s ID and records when it comes to losing information on discs.”

Kevan Smith, aged 50, Manor.

“I am all for identity cards. They will stop a lot of illegals entering the country and maybe help with crime.”

Ann Chesney, aged 60, Sheffield Lane Top.

“It may have its benefits but, unfortunately, it would not prevent such improper activities as ‘fast tracking’ visas and misusing rail warrants for a mistress! Best Fake ID websites

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