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Appliance Services Sales

Sale NO. 1
Dishwasher Replacement
  • Service provided by a local pro
  • Unhook and haul away of old dishwasher
  • Basic hook up of 1 new customer-supplied dishwasher
Sale NO. 2
Dishwasher Removal
  • Hauling away one appliance from home
  • Appliance must be disconnected from gas or electric lines before your appointment
  • Appliance will be donated or recycled when possible
Sale NO. 3
Watts LFTWH-FT-HCN Service Valve Kit for Tankless Water Heater
  • Lead free
  • Simplifies installation and maintenance of tankless heaters
  • Eliminates need for multiple fittings
SaleSale NO. 4
Stove Replacement and Haul-Away - Gas
  • Shutting off gas line, disconnecting and removing old gas stove
  • Installation of 1 new customer-supplied stove and safety brackets (as needed)
  • Leveling stove and final testing for any gas leaks
Sale NO. 5
In Home Furniture and Appliance Moving - No Stairs
  • Two hours of rearranging or moving your stuff
  • Lifting and repositioning of furniture or appliances
Sale NO. 6
Refrigerator Replacement - Standard Door
  • Unhook and haul away of old refrigerator
  • Basic hook up of 1 new customer-supplied refrigerator
  • Any parts required to install the new refrigerator
Sale NO. 7
Cooktop Installation - Replacement - Electric Hard Wired - Existing Fuel Source
  • Customer must confirm dimensions of purchased unit fit within counter space
  • Removal and installation of customer-provided cooktop in existing location
  • Connecting cooktop to existing wiring
Sale NO. 8
Dryer Cleaning and Tune Up - Electric
  • Inspection of dryer and vent
  • Cleaning of condensing coils, motors, and fans
  • Dryer vent cleaning not included
Sale NO. 9
Wall Oven Replacement - Electric - Single Oven
  • Customer is responsible for confirming dimensions of new product at location of installation
  • Removing existing wall oven
  • Installing one customer-supplied wall oven unit
Sale NO. 10
Under-Sink Water Filter Replace
  • Installing 1 customer-supplied water treatment unit
  • Connecting unit to existing plumbing
  • Testing unit functionality

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