Best Supplying Demand Ranges

Bestseller No. 1
Supplying Demand 4 Wire Range Oven Cord 50 AMP 6/2 & 8/2 AWG 250 Volts Compatible With All Major Residential Appliance Brands (6 Foot)
  • Electrical Range Cord - Includes strain-relief clamp & screws
  • Rated 50 Amps Up to 250 Volt
  • 6/2 & 8/2 Gauge Wires - Closed eyelet terminals 1.22m
Bestseller No. 2
Supplying Demand WB03T10079 Range Burner Knob Replacement for 769155 AH226413
  • Alternate part numbers include EA226413, PS226413, WB3T10079
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
Bestseller No. 3
Supplying Demand 316555800 Range Surface Element With Wiring Updated For AP4556791 PS2581859
  • Note: Terminal locations have been changed. May require a service technician to install if not comfortable with electrical. Make sure to unplug the unit before working on it. If not operating correctly once installed make sure to unplug and check the wiring.
  • Wires must be connected to correct terminals (1a to 1a, 2b to 2b, etc.)
  • Dual surface element - 9 inches and 6 inches
Bestseller No. 4
Supplying Demand 3 Wire Range Oven Cord 50-AMP 250 Volts 8 AWG Wire Compatible With All Major Residential Appliance Brands (6 Foot)
  • Electrical Range Cord - Includes strain-relief clamp & screws
  • Rated 50 Amps Up to 250 Volt
  • 6/2 & 8/1 Gauge Wires - Closed eyelet terminals 1.22m
Bestseller No. 5
Supplying Demand WB30T10129 Glass Stove 6 Inch Radiant Surface Element WB30T10125 Model Specific Not Universal
  • STOP AND READ FIRST TO AVOID RETURNS! This item is not universal. Described as a 6 Inch Radiant Surface Element 1500 Watt 240 Volt.
  • Compatible with some Glass Range Tops. Is not universal only matches up with certain models. Make sure to find your model number and verify if this is a match before ordering.
  • Alternate part numbers include 1474215, AP4344640, PS2321563
Bestseller No. 6
Supplying Demand 316564509 Range Burner Control Knob
  • STOP AND READ FIRST! Item is NOT universal. Alternate part numbers include EA2364184, PS2364184
  • Verify Model Compatibility prior to purchase as this can be confused with other knobs that have the same part number on the back. Make sure yours is this one otherwise it won't work.
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
Bestseller No. 7
Supplying Demand W10762263 Range Control Knob Kit 5 Piece Replaces AP5957838, PS10066103 Model Specific Not Universal
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
  • Includes 5 W10766544 knobs
Bestseller No. 8
Supplying Demand WB30T10044 Glass Stove Large Haliant Top Element WB30T10050 Model Specific Not Universal
  • Dual Element. 2500 Watts. Filament around the edges of the element may crack under manufacturing. However, this does not affect the product or the operation of the item.
  • Compatible with some Glass Range Tops. If after installed you are having a hot surface light stay on then it is the switch and not the burner. If the element is not working check your switch which turns on the burner.
  • Alternate part numbers include 824238, AH243902, AP2027786, EA243902, PS243902, WB30K5032, WB30T10035
Bestseller No. 9
Supplying Demand DG94-00520A Range Oven Igniter Replacement For AP5577941 NX58H5600SS
  • Alternate part numbers include 2692271 and PS4241428
  • Compatible With Major Brands, but not all
  • This is a fragile item. Be careful when installing not to hit anything or drop igniter.
Bestseller No. 10
Supplying Demand WB02X24790 Range Burner Grate Foot Bumper Fits PS11729077
  • Single burner grate foot, sold individually.
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging.
  • Alternate part numbers include AP5989801 and PS11729077.
Bestseller No. 11
Supplying Demand WB24T10027 Range Surface Element Infinite Switch Replaces 769694, AH236752
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in safe Supplying Demand packaging
  • 7.5-9.3A
Bestseller No. 12
Supplying Demand 7432P143-60 Range Oven Igniter Replaces 74007965, PS11744546
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
  • Bake or Broil Igniter
Bestseller No. 13
Supplying Demand WB30X24111 Range Radiant Heating Element 9-inch
  • 3100/1300 Watts 240 Volts 9 Inch Element. Elements can not work due to the switches not working as well. If your element is not working making sure to check connections and also that your switch is not bad where you turn the unit on.
  • Compatible with some Glass Range Tops, but not all. Model number verification is very important in making sure this item works for your model.
  • Alternate part numbers include AP5989975, PS11729126, 4465256
Bestseller No. 14
Supplying Demand 3148953 Range Infinite Switch Replaces 3148953, PS11740775
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
  • 7.5 to 9.3A
SaleBestseller No. 15
Supplying Demand WB02K10254 Oven Range Anti-Tip Bracket WB02K10020, AP4438045
  • Includes directions and 2 screws. Check dimensions for proper fit.
  • Can be installed on a wall or floor.
  • Alternate part numbers include 1536184, AH2364689, EA2364689, PS2364689, WB2K10020
SaleBestseller No. 16
Supplying Demand 5303131115 4 Pack Chrome 8" Drip Pan Set Fits AP2137021 PS454077
  • Not universal. Only fits gas stove tops. Will not fit all gas stove tops. Compatible With Major Brands. Does not fit all models. Make sure to match what you need against your model number for accurate ordering as products do look similar and are different sizes.
  • Includes 4 8" gas style drip pans
  • Has 3 openings for the grates to easily be placed
Bestseller No. 17
Supplying Demand 316419145 Range Control Board Overlay Replaces PS12114511, AP6248313
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Comes in Supplying Demand packaging
  • 10 button overlay
Bestseller No. 18
Supplying Demand 316455410 Range Oven Control 5304518661 No Overlay
  • Overlay is sold separately. Does not come with a new overlay.
  • Alternate part numbers include 316222800, 316222802, 316222802R, 4931113, 5304427745
  • In some cases the current overlay can be removed from old board and applied to the new board.
Bestseller No. 19
Supplying Demand 316135401 Radiant Surface Heating Element Replaces 316224200 For Range Stove Top
  • Alternate part numbers include: AP4416812, 316224200, 1513294, 316224201, 318198835, AH2361362, EA2361362, PS2361362
  • This is a newer part which must be adapted to accept old wiring. May have to put new terminal end on original wiring for one terminal. Old one may be smaller. Also must change how you attach wires to the new element, it is different.
  • Make sure to match up your connections as the connections on this element are different than the original. If you hook up according to look and not through specs then the element will not work properly.
Bestseller No. 20
Supplying Demand 316489402 316489408 Oven Range Igniter Assembly Flat Igniter Direct Fit Connections
  • Alternate part numbers include 5304509706, 316119301, AP6230715, & PS12071409
  • Compatible With Major Brands
  • Option wire connectors are included in case you need to splice into current system

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