Best TRUSTECH Space Heaters

Bestseller No. 1
TRUSTECH Space Heater, 1500W Ceramic Desk Space Heaters for Indoor Use, 3s Fast Heating Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 3 Modes, Tip-over & Overheat Protection, Portable Small Heater for Room Office Home
  • 💡Fast Warm-Up & Wide Heat Coverage💡 Are you feeling freezing in the cold dorm or office? This portable room heater is made for those chilly days. The compact size provides effective, consistent warmth for rooms up to 200 sqft. With the fast heating technology, this space heater for office can quickly warm up the air around you within 3 sec! To enjoy a toasty and comfortable space at any time, it is the perfect space heater for indoor use. No more cold and numb body in winter!
  • 💡Easy to Use with 3 Modes & Thermostat💡 1500W High heat, 750W Low heat, and Natural Wind Fan Mode are all included in 1 portable heater, providing efficient heat to every corner of your room with constant warmth. You can easily set the switch knobs of this desk heater between the 3 modes to reach your desired temperature. With the simple adjustable thermostat, this room heater could always keep your environment at the most optimal temperature level and reduces your power consumption, too.
  • 💡Multi-Protection Safety Control💡 Automatic Overheat Protection system will shut the personal heater off when the parts of the space heater overheat and cool down quickly to avoid overheating. Tip-Over Protect will shut off the electric heater if it gets knocked over accidentally and will come back on automatically once uprighted. This ceramic heater for indoor use adopts innovative PTC technology and is made of flame retardant material, which is safer to avoid any fire hazard.
Bestseller No. 2
Trustech Space Heater - Portable Electric Heater with Remote Ocillating Ceramic Heater with Thermostat 12h Timer 3 Mode Safe Tip-Over & Overheat, Efficient Fan Heater for Indoor Use for Bedroom Office
  • â˜Œă€Instant Warmth & 120° Oscillation】Equipped with the advanced ceramic heating technology, Trustech 1502S electric space heater can provide heat up to 1500W and 70° F in 3 seconds. Pairing with the 120° Oscillating function, this fast-heating room heater can easily spread the warmth and quickly warm up your whole room in a few minutes. Definitely an Ideal tower heating fan for both family and personal use.
  • â˜Œă€ 3 Modes & Adjustable Thermostat】This oscillating electric heater carries Fan/750W Warm/1500W Hot Modes to meet all your heating needs. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat, you can set the temperature from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit to save the bills and increase energy efficiency. Temperature adjustment by 1°F interval of the energy efficient heater allows you to customize your preference temperature.
  • â˜Œă€Remote Control & Portable Design】 This electric space heater comes with remote control with a sensitive response and ultra-long sensing distance. You can control the modes and oscillation from your cozy bed or sofa without getting up. Measuring only 18 inches high and equipped with a convenient handle, you can easily move this portable electric heater around and place it anywhere in your bedroom, garage or office.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Patio Heater-Trustech Space Heater Infrared Heater w/Remote, 24 Timing Auto Shut Off Radiant Heater, 500/1000/1500W, Super Quiet 3s Instant Warm Vertical Electric Heater for Big Room Backyard
  • 【Advanced Infrared Tech】With carbon fiber gold-coated tubes, this space heater is both an indoor and outdoor heater, having high accuracy of heating, delivering heat directly to people, and creating a comfortable and warm zone. Compared with other space heaters for indoor use or space heaters for a large room that make heated air and transfer it to the human body, the electric heater saves 40%-60% electricity on a large scale. Higher efficiency and precision heating ensure energy conservation.
  • 【3 Second Heat & 3 Heat Setting】Space heaters for indoor use can provide instant and efficient warmth within 3 seconds. Heating up in seconds brings instant and focused heat. The heater for bedroom has 3-level heat settings: 500/1000/1500W modes. Just choose an ideal level according to your needs. Trustech patio heater is beneficial to your health in boosting metabolisms, such as alleviating the symptoms of Rheumatology, Arthritis, and fatigue.
  • 【For Biggber Space & Overheat Protection】The heaters for indoor use are 31.7 inches high, so the electric heater can heat a larger space. Compared with other electric heaters for indoor use, the space heater for large room gives you a more suitable temperature, and you can even use the room heater as a garage heater. Our heaters for indoor use are made under strict standards, enjoying an ETL certificate. When it is overheated, the power will cut off automatically, providing the best protection.
Bestseller No. 4
Trustech Space Heaters for Indoor Use - 1500W Fast-heating Ceramic Heater w/ Remote 3 Mode Quiet Portable Oscillating Electric Heater w/ 12H Timer, Tip-Over & Overheating Protection for Bedroom Office
  • 【3s Fast Heating & 120° Oscillation】 Equipped with powerful ceramic heating elements, this 1500W electric heater can quickly heat up to 70°F in 3 seconds. Along with the 120°Oscillating functions, this indoor space heater will rotate from side to side at a widespread angle, generating more effective, immediate, and evenly warmth from your toe to your head. Just enjoy a cozy and toasty space in cold weather!
  • 【3 Modes & Adjustable Thermostat】 To satisfy your heating needs all year round, you can choose from the 3 modes of this electric portable heater: Low Heat(1000W)/High Heat(1500W)/Fan Mode(Natural Wind). Pairing with the intelligent adjustable thermostat, this ceramic space heater can be set from 50℉ to 95℉ to save your electricity bills, maintaining the most appropriate temperature for your surroundings.
  • 【Handy Remote & Portable Design】 With the long-distance remote control, you have full access to this space heater for indoor use without getting up from your comfort zone, creating ultimate conveniences for your heating operations like setting temperature, oscillation, and timer. The compact size and carrying handle design make this portable heater easy to move from room to room, and perfectly fit your home office.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Air Circulator Fan- 2 in 1 Portable Quiet Circulating & Heating Mode Space Heater for All Year Around, Tip Over & Overheat Protection, Personal Small Floor Office Home Whole Room, Black
  • ❄【Air Circulating & Heating Dual Modes for All Year Around】❄ Is your fan only can use in summer? Here is the 2 in 1 fan and heater combo ! Equipped with high & low circulating modes in this cooler and heater fan for room, cool air from the air conditioner can be sent to whole room, giving you a whole-room cooling comfort in summer. And the Rapid heating system w/ 750W & 1500W modes helps you to enjoy the warmth in winter. Own portable dual fan and heater to accompany you all year around.
  • ❄【Circulating Air for Staying Comfortable 】❄ Do you always be sweaty when sitting far from the air conditioner? Maybe you need a portable cooling and heating fan to help you circulate the cool air. This small air cooler and heater can widely balance the temperature to achieve the whole room cooling comfort & will lower downer the probability of catching a cold. This office fan heater can also save electricity bills. The under desk fan/heater is also ideal for personal use in the sultry office.
  • ❄【Quick & Widespread Air Circulating】❄ Feeling hot when arriving home in summer? Accompany with air conditioner, this table dual fan heater w/ strong wind can cool down Your room quickly. This small personal space fan/heater for indoor use can drive away hot air and balance the tempreture of room in seconds with strong power. Also, the rotating cooling fan and heater provides two natural wind modes to chooose. Own it to enjoy widespread cool air this summer!
SaleBestseller No. 6
Ceramic Space Heater for office - Portable Electric Space Heater Fan W/ Tip-Over Overheat Protection 750W/1500W Adjustable Thermostat 120° Oscillating for Small Room Home Indoor Bedroom Personal Use
  • đŸ”„ă€3s Fast Heating & Contant Warmth】Are you tired of traditional heaters that take too long to heat? With the advanced PTC ceramic heating technology, the small electric space heater for indoor room can heat up within 3 seconds. You will feel the warmth instantly in the freezing weather. In addition, this Portable personal tower heater for home will help save energy and keep your home or office safe and cozy.
  • đŸ”„ă€120° Widespread Oscillation & 2 Heating Modes】 Grumble at the uneven heating and unadjustable warmth in a big room? With 120°oscillation, the fast heating ceramic space heater can widely and evenly warm up your home. This Ceramic Heater fan is equipped with 3 Modes:1500W/750W/Fan.1500W is suitable for fast heating indoors.750W can save power. The fan produces fresh air circulation without heat output. Get this quiet space heater for the office now, one heater meets various heating needs.
  • đŸ”„ă€Dual Safety Protection System】Worried about the safety of kids or pets running around at home? The portable space heater with dual safety protection systems: tip-over and overheat protection, which makes sure the small space tower heater for indoor use will be power off when titling over or overheating. You may rest assured that kids or pets playing in the room. Owing to it to warm and safe through the winter.
Bestseller No. 7
TRUSTECH Wall Mount Heater, Heater with No Fan, 400W Convection Heater, Indoor Electric Space Heater with Overheating Safety Protection, Easy Installation Heater on Wall
  • Efficient and Quiet Heating; 400w heating power makes you enjoy a warm and comfortable life in the cold winter; The wall heater generates heat through heating resistors, and the hot air forms a convection circulation in the room to keep the room warm; The heating circulation process of the wall mount heater is fast and quiet
  • Overheating Safety Protection; The automatic power-off protection function of the electric space heater can improve the safety performance to bring you a sense of security; Trustech wall panel heater would be the first choice for families with children, the elderly, or pets; If you use this wall heater, you don’t need to worry about them getting hurt
  • Windless Heating Technology; The wall mount heater adopts a design of no fan to provide a healthy heating method without blowing for every family; Due to not bring dust, hair, and allergens into the room, the space heater would create a cleaner and healthier environment for allergy sufferers; People with asthma and dust allergies could feel the warmth without being irritated
Bestseller No. 8
Portable Air Circulator Fan for Office - Personal Compact Quiet Table Desktop Heater Fan Combo w/ Circulating & Heating Modes 45° Adjustable Angles, for Small Home Bedroom Indoor use
  • ⛄【Suitable for 365 Days】⛄ Does your air circulation fan or heater only have one mode ? The cooler and heater fan for room will blow away all your worries! 1. The desk fan/heater w/ air circulating mode can quickly dissipate heat even in hot summer. 2. Also, this ceramic fan with heater for indoor use has heating mode, warming you whole winter. Have Trustech fan and heater combo accompanies you 365 days now!
  • ❄【The Ideal Match for Air Conditioners】❄ Is the cooling range of your air conditioner small? The electric tabletop cool fan and heater can bring cool air to every corner! Here are 2 steps to get cool: 1. Turn on air conditioner. 2. Place it under the air conditioning. After that, The fan heater combo for bedroom can speed up the circulation and difussion of cool air to save your electricity bill in air conditioner. Just bring back the energy-efficient cool air fan for bedroom to save your bill!
  • ❄【Low Noise & Fast Heat Dissipation】❄ Hard to sleep due to the loud noise in hot summer nights? The quiet portable small room fan for cooling is your ideal guardian at night. 1. The cool air fan for room office adopts advanced low-noise technology.The 2 in 1 heater fan will create no obvious noise during use and will not disturb you during sleeping. 2. The underdesk fan/heater for office w/ 2 wind speeds is small but can efficiently dissipate heat. Let the ideal night guardian guard your night
Bestseller No. 9
Outdoor Patio Heater, TRUSTECH 1500W Infrared Heater, Indoor/Outdoor Heater w/1s-Fast Heat & Remote Control, 24H Timer Overheat Protection, Super Quite Waterproof Wall Heater for Patio Garage Backyard
  • 【1 Second Rapid Heating & 3 Heat Setting】This electric heater enables to provides instant and efficient warmth in about 1 sec. Rapidly heats up in seconds, providing instant, focused heat. The wall heater has 3-level heat setting, 500/1000/1500W mode. Just choose an ideal level according to your situation. Trustech heater for bedroom is beneficial to your health in boosting metabolism, such as alleviating the symptoms of Rheumatology and Arthritis and relieving fatigue.
  • 【Environmentlly Sound Tech & Direct Heating Human Body】TRUSTECH room heater targets at high accuracy of heat. Carbon fiber gold-coated tube delivers heat directly to people or objects instead of the environment, creating a comfortable and warm zone around you. Besides, compared with similar heater outdoor patio, this electric space heater protects environment and saves 40%-60% on electricity in a large scale.
  • 【Quick Install & Remote Control & Super Quiet】TRUSTECH indoor heater is equipped with 4 brackets and fasteners help you to mount it on the wall in just 4 steps effortlessly. You could also mount it to a stand (Note: the stand needs to be purchased separately). Meanwhile, the outside heater with smart remote control offers great convenience and highly improves your life quality. Besides, this electric patio heater is super quiet when working to accompany you to sleep sweetly all night.
Bestseller No. 10
TRUSTECH Patio Heater - Outdoor Heater with 3 Ajustable Heating Modes of 500/1000/1500W, 3s Rapid Heating & Waterproof IP34 Outdoor Patio Heater with Tip-Over Protection, Balcony, Backyard, Garage use
  • 3 Seconds Rapid Heating - This patio heater adopts advanced carbon infrared heating technology. Built-in 3 halogen tubes as heating elements, the infrared heater can achieve rapid heating in 3 seconds. Compared with traditional outdoor heaters for patio electric only, our heater outdoor patio is more environmentally friendly and does not produce greenhouse gases, which can save you 30%-40% of electricity bills
  • 3 Heating Modes & Flexible Adjustment - With 3 power levels of 500/1000/1500W, you can choose your ideal temperature through this outdoor electric heater. The outdoor heater is equipped with a retractable pole that can be adjusted from 5.9' to 6.6' in height. And The heater element on this space heater can be rotated up and down 45° to meet your different needs. Moreover, the timer function of our patio heater will automatically schedule the time to give you a good sleep
  • Easy Assembling & Simple Operation - This electric patio heater only needs to be partially assembled. The heating process of the outdoor electric infrared heater only takes 5 minutes, which allow you to quickly get warm in a cold winter. It's also very convenient to use our electric outdoor heater. The switch and heating mode of the infrared patio heater can be easily controlled by a long pull switch. You will get warm everywhere and anytime in the most convenient way with our outdoor heater
Bestseller No. 11
Patio Heater- TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Patio Heater with Remote Control and LCD Display, Outdoor/Indoor Wall-Mounted Infrared Heater with 24H Timer, Fast Heating and Super Quiet for Large Room and Garage
  • 【Gold Tube Infrared Technology】Advanced gold tube infrared technology can quickly tube in a few seconds, 1500W fast heating, thermal radiation shines on your side like sunlight, even in a windy environment, this patio heater can maintain a consistent output.
  • 【Easy Mounted & Remote Control】With the remote control and the wall-mounted design, this space heater is easy to install and operate. You can see the temperature from the LCD screen. And you can set the timer from 1 to 24 hours to avoid overheating.
  • 【Safety overheating protection】 ETL listed safety certification, outdoor heater not only has the function of fast heating, but also can automatically detect the temperature, when the wall-mounted infrared heater overheats, the built-in safety protection will automatically shut down the electric patio heater, as a safe guardian always protect you and your family.
Bestseller No. 12
Outdoor Patio Heater, Trustech Infrared Heater with1500W, Remote Control and Timer, Indoor/Outdoor Heater with Overheat Shut Off Protection, Quiet Operation for Patio Use, Backyard,Garage,Wall Mount
  • 【Advanced Infrared Technology】TRUSTECH infrared patio heater, with the carbon fiber gold-coated tubes, the patio heater creates efficient heating at a low cost. Besides, compared with a similar patio space heater, this outdoor heater saves 40%-60% on electricity on a large scale.
  • 【Easy to use & Remote control】TRUSTECH outdoor heater has 3 levels of heat settings for 500W, 1000W, and 1500W, you can choose an ideal level for your preferences. The patio heater comes with 4 brackets which allow you to install in just 4 steps without any heavy effort. Besides, the wall-mounted heater with smart remote control makes level shifting so easy.
  • 【Overheat Protection & Timer Function】The TRUSTECH outdoor heater does not output CO2 as propane heater do. No dangerous tanks, no plumbing and no ventilation needed. TRUSTECH electric patio heater can auto-detect the temperature and automatically shut off if overheated. This outdoor heater can be set auto shut off before sleep and stay at a comfortable temperature all night.
Bestseller No. 13
FDW Quartz & Convection Radiant Home Office Space Thermostat Tower Heater
  • 2 in 1 unique heating design: Convection Heat and Radiant Heat
  • 2 quartz tube heating element s+ aluminum heat reflector
  • 4 heat settings: 375/750/1125/1500W
SaleBestseller No. 14
Space Heater, Portable Heater Fan, 1500W Electric Heater with 3 Modes, 3s Fast Heat, Thermostat with Overheat Protection, Electric Heaters for Home, Heaters for Indoor Use, 2 in 1 for All Year Round
  • 3 Modes Setting and 3s Fast Heat; Get ready for cold Winter, it's time to pick an electric heater! No need to preheat, TRUSTECH room heater can quickly warm up the air around you within only 3 sec; With 3-Mode Setting, you can choose 750W Low Heat, 1500W Hot Heat, or Natural Wind as you like so it can meet your demands in winter and summer; Besides, you can carry this portable electric heater anywhere, such as camping. You can easily gain either cold or hot wind at a low cost
  • Overheat Protection and ETL Certificate; We take safety into consideration, the electric heater with thermostat will automatically keep the temperature constant, so no need to worry about overheating issues and being awakened by the high temperature at night, which is safe for your family; Besides, this heater for bedroom has been tested by the professional team and it owns the ETL Certificate, which guarantees user’s safety while using it
  • Portable Design and Adjustable Tilt; Built-in carry handle and lightweight (3.1Ibs), this heater fan would be perfect to be placed in any place of your room, and it won’t take up much of your space; With the 90°adjustable design, you can adjust the angle of the heater electric as you like while using this compact heater; Also, it has a mini body and bright yellow, which makes it becomes a wonderful heater for bedroom, portable heater for office, and electric space heater for indoor use
SaleBestseller No. 15
Electric Space Heater for Large Room - 36" Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Whole Room Heating w/ Thermostat, Fast Heating,3D Realistic Flame, Oscillating, Remote Control, Energy Efficient, Ideal for Personal Home/Livingroom/Bathroom Use, Slim Design
  • 【Instant & Widespread Warmth】If you are looking for a fast heating heater for livingroom/bedroom/office, this powerful ceramic space heater will bring you instant & widespread warmth. This ceramic space heater comes w/1500W PTC heating panel & 60° oscillating system, delivering hot air around the bedroom/living room/office quickly, pushing air farther away evenly. It's more energy-efficient than other electric space heaters, ideal for large room.
  • 【Satisfying Your Heating Needs】Did you feel dry air irritates your throat when you're in a heating room? Just relax. The 3 heating modes of this tower space heater can keep the temp. is always to your liking: low(1000W)/high(1500W)/ECO Mode. Especially, this space heater comes w/ an intelligent adjustable thermostat, it can release hot/cool air under ECO mode for keeping a great air cycle. Once it induces the temp. is lower/higher than set, the heater will re-heat/ cooling-down for more comfort.
  • 【Hassle Free w/ Humanized Protection】Worried about damaging electric circuits or starting a fireTaking it easy! The over-heating & 45°over-tip protection promise this safe space heater shut-off automatically, once it overheats or is knocked down by accident. As soon as you have this smart ceramic space heater, it can provide great protection for households w/ children or pets. Getting the tower space heater to bring peace into your home!
Bestseller No. 17
Small Space Heater-TRUSTECH 1500W Portable Electric Space Heater (3S Instant Heating,Adjustable Thermostat,Ultra Quiet,Auto Shut-off,Overheat & Tip-Over Protection,Compact Size) For Home,office,Bedroom

  • 【PORTABLE HEATER & QUIET】- Are you still struggling with freezing when reading at home or working in the office? You can place this small space heater desk everywhere with a compact size of 6.3(D) x 4.33(W) x 7.48(H) inches. The space heater for office won't take up too much space on the desk. Only 1.54 lbs. weigh allows you to move this compact heater to the bedroom, bathroom even library. And you won't be bothered when you are sleeping, reading and working, cause the heater runs quietly.
  • 【3s INSTANT HEAT】- Still waiting too long for your heater heat up? Wait no more! Turn on TRUSTECH space heater for indoor use, the high-speed rotating fan can quickly convert cold air into hot air. This ceramic heater for bedroom can heat up 160sq.ft in 3 seconds, which warm up is quicker than traditional heaters, and longer service life. This quiet electric heater provides you more noticeable and concentrated warmth. The portable heater fan makes yourself feel as cozy and warm as possible.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT & ENERGY SAVING】-Natural wind,900w heating,1500w heating - 3 modes of TRUSTECH space heater for office can satisfy your specific needs, just simply switch these three modes by twisting the two different wattages, so this electric heater fan for indoor use will absolutely keep your electric bills from skyrocketing.You can also adjust the indoor temperature by the thermostat of this quiet ceramic heater fan which will always provide a comfortable temperature space for you.
SaleBestseller No. 18
2-In-1 Space Radiant Heater - 120° Oscillation Infrared Heater for Indoor, 1500W Electric Heater, 4 Heating Modes, Garage Heater with Dual-Protection, Quiet Fast Heating Patio Heater
  • 3S FAST HEATING & 4 HEAT SETTINGS - This space radiant heater with 120° Oscillation 1500W ultra-strong power can warm up your room within 3 seconds, making sure that you are embraced in an instant sweet warm environment. The infrared heater has 4 heat settings, 250/1500W with/without oscillation. Simply dial the switch to find the most comfortable heat setting according to your needs.
  • GIVING YOU A SILENT AND COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT - Radiant heater works silently since it doesn’t use a fan - it just radiates! It is great for noise-sensitive environments such as bedrooms, offices. The portable infrared heater helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air, resulting in moist, comfortable heat without drying out the room's air. This way you can avoid uncomfortable side effects such as itchy eyes and throat.
  • TIP-OVER PROTECTION & OVERHEAT PROTECTION - When the radiant heater is knocked down by your children or pets, the tip-over protection switch will automatically shut off the heating element to prevent accidents. Forget to turn off the electric space heater before leaving home? Don't worry, when the internal components are overheated, it will automatically shut off to prevent abnormal temperature rise, providing double protection for you and your family.
Bestseller No. 19
Electric Heater for Garage-TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Infrared Heater w/Remote, Timer & 1s Fast Heat, Overheat Protection, Super Quiet Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Heater for Patio Greenhouse Garage Backyard Wall-Mounted
  • 【1s Heating &Touch Screen with Remote Control 】Fast heating and never wait, you can easily get a warm and comfortable space with this patio heater in 1 second. Besides the touch screen which you can easily operate just by touch, with a clear LCD display, you can use a remote control to do all the operations without moving. The space heater is very convenient for you and can greatly improve your life quality. You can enjoy a cozy and leisurely time at home in cold winter.
  • 【Safety Timing & Adjustable Power Level】With a 12-hour timing function, you can use the remote control or touch screen for timing, never worry about the heater overheat when you are in sleep. To fit your different needs, there are two power outputs of this outdoor heater to choose, 750/1500W, you can adjust the using time and power level to get the most comfortable condition and save energy efficiently. Owning this room heater, you will be owning a caring helper in this cold winter.
  • 【Red Carbon Tube & Super Quiet】With specially designed red carbon fiber tube, this infrared heater can filter out the strong radiation light, you won't feel glare during use, and this design of the patio heater electric avoids the dryness of your skin caused by prolonged heat radiation, friendly protect the moisture in your body so that you will never feel dry and glare during sleep or long-term use. This outdoor heater for patio will be a good partner for your family in the most healthy way.
SaleBestseller No. 20
Electric Heater - 1500W Space Heater, Wall Mounted Room Heater with Standing Base, Energy Saving, Timer, Quick Heat Electric Space Heater, 3 Modes, Wall Heater for Basement, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Garage Heater
  • Wall Heater and Standing Room Heater; The electric space heater comes with standing base and wall-mounted tools, both of them are super easy to install; Portable standing electric heater is more suitable if you need to move sometimes, for example, daylight use for living room, night use for bedroom; Electric heater is highly recommended for bathroom if you’d like to have warm shower in winter
  • Quick and Balanced Heating; The bathroom heater is 1500W, which can cover average-sized rooms as large as 500 sq;ft when used as a supplementary source of heat; With built-in turbo fan and quartz tube, the room heater provides embracing heat for whole room more quickly and evenly; Also, it can help natural cross-convection in the room in winter
  • Energy Saving and Safe; If you are concerned about conserving energy and want to maintain low heating costs, this wall heater can absolutely keep your electric bills from skyrocketing with special features such as energy saving modes, adjustable thermostats, and programmable timers which can help minimize power usage and contribute to economic operation; Besides, the electric heater is equipped with overheat protection, keep you and your family safe at the same time

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