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Sale NO. 1
Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles - Transfer Gear Oil, Transmission and Differential Fluid with This 5cc Hand Pump (1)
  • Fits securely on standard quart containers, which is about a 1" opening (WILL NOT FIT RED LINE QUART CONTAINERS OR WIDE-MOUTH QUART CONTAINERS, BUT Slippery Pete's FLUID PUMP FOR GALLON BOTTLES WILL FIT Castrol Edge wide mouth quart containers!!)
  • 17” long flexible tube for pumping fluids into tight and awkward places. Rigid suction tube that reaches to bottom of STANDARD QUART CONTAINERS
Sale NO. 2
OEMTOOLS 24936 8.0 Liter Evacuator | Oil, Transmission, Coolant Change Tool | Easy-to-Use Hand Pump | Extract Fluid Through Dipstick Tubes | No-Mess | Shut-Off Valve Prevents Spills
  • Includes a 5 Ft. Main Suction Flexible Hose and (2) Dipstick Adapters
  • Single Piece Reservoir Structure Features a Leak Proof Bottom
  • Can Be Used with Low Viscosity Fluid, Including Water and Coolant
Sale NO. 3
Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles - Transfer Gear Oil, Transmission and Differential Fluid, Antifreeze with This 30cc Hand Pump
  • Pumps 1 FULL OUNCE (30cc) per pump stroke. Pumps an entire quart in 32 strokes!!
  • 24" FLEXIBLE CLEAR FILL TUBE allows you to direct fluid into tight and awkward places.7" SUCTION TUBE THAT EXTENDS TO BOTTOM OF GALLON CONTAINER.
Sale NO. 4
EWK Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump Tank Remover
  • NO MORE JACKING UP - Simply open the hood and insert tube to change engine oil. With the oil extractor pump, you no longer have to lift up or crawl under the car to do fluid changing.
  • 2 WAY USAGE - Pneumatic and manual mode to fit any condition. The pneumatic mode provides higher speed while manual mode requires no other equipment to work with.
  • SPEEDY EXTRACTION - Fast extraction speed of 1.6L /min. The oil change pump extracts engine oil in a 4 cylinder car within 5 minutes at pneumatic mode.
Sale NO. 5
Lotyes Oil Change Pump Extractor, DC 12V 60W Diesel Fluid Oil Quick Extract Transfer Pump Scavenge Suction Kit for Car, Boat, Motorbike, Truck, RV, ATV and Other Vehicles
  • Efficient Extraction Pump: To pump your motor oil properly, please start the vehicle to heat up the oil (to 40~60 degrees)about 15 minutes! Otherwise, the oil change pump may have low suction or jammed. Lotyes oil change pump replaces manual operation and works by connecting the clamps to the vehicles 12V battery. It's high efficiency, rapid and saving effort.
  • Clean and Tidy: An ideal equipment for quick and clean oil changes. No more mess tools needed, the hoses and hose clamps in the package can prevent leakage during the extraction process.
  • Easy installation: Install the oil extractor inlet and outlet hose, tighten the hose clamps, connect the power clamps to the vehicles battery and switch the button on.
Sale NO. 6
DasMarine 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor, Oil/Diesel Fluid Pump Extractor Scavenge Oil Change Pump Transfer Suction Transfer Pump + Tubes Truck Rv Boat ATV
  • 【Specificaiton】: Input Voltage: DC 12V; Wattage: 60W; Current: 5A;Motor Oil (40-60 degrees) Flow Rate: approx. 1L / min
  • 【Easy Installation】: you just need to place the inlet and outlet hoses at the appropriate positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button. This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly.
  • 【 Ideal Equipment For 】: Extracting Motor Oil From Your Vehicle Without Mess & Specialised Tools Extract The Oil From Your Car, Motorcyle, Scooter, Quad Bike, Truck, Boat, Forklift, Generator, Tractor, Ride On Mower Etc Siphon & Transfer Diesel To Cars, Trucks, Ships, Boats, Tractors, Farm Machinery, Plant Equipment Etc.
Sale NO. 7
ABN Manual ATF Filler System – 3L Manual Transmission Fluid Pump Tool for Automatic Transmission with System Adapters
  • SAVE MONEY ON TRANSMISSION SERVICE WORK: Checking and changing your transmission fluid keeps your automatic transmission lubricated and running smoothly and it helps to avoid wear on your clutches; But going to a mechanic can cost up to a few hundred for a transmission fluid change; Skip the hassle by changing the transmission fluid yourself with the ABN 3L Manual ATF Fluid Pump Automotive Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid Dispensing System
  • BUILT TO LAST: Large 3-liter (101.4 oz) fluid container is made of thick plastic for durability and longevity and features 4 supports on its base to enhance stability while you work; Pressure gauge can register up to 30 PSI and faces upwards for easy visibility; 5.3 foot (1.6m) fluid dispensing hose features swivel thread connector to link to filler unit and a metal dispenser with a shut off valve; Metal dispensing nozzle uses an easy-release locking mechanism to hold adapters in place securely
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE SYSTEM: With so many little parts it might be easy to lose pieces, but the 21-inch hook and loop adapter belt and 14-inch (35.5 cm) extension band easily fit around the fluid transfer pump automotive filler system for easy organization when working or in storage; 11 elastic slots hold the included transmission fluid fill adapters and more; Included ATF adapters cover the most common transmission systems including DSG and CVT
Sale NO. 8
EWK 15L Pneumatic Manual Engine Oil Change Pump Vacuum Fluid Extractor Tank with Brake Bleeder Tube
  • PREMIUM VERSION - Upgraded accessories, upgraded convenience. The original EWK oil extractor pump with storage unit collecting hoses when not in use and sealing cap keeping the full tank safe for transporting.
  • 2 WAY USAGE - Pneumatic and manual mode to fit any condition. The pneumatic mode provides fast extraction speed of 1.6L /min and manual mode requires no other equipment to work with.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Brake bleeding hose makes your oil extractor multifunctional. Comes with an extra bleeding hose, the fluid extractor pump can also be used as a brake bleeder.
SaleSale NO. 9
Annurssy Multi-Function Plastic Long Neck 4 Piece Oil Funnel - for All Automotive Oils,Lubricants, Engine Oils, Water, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene and Other Liquids
  • Unique features - innovative tube design with no dust cover and long spout on top. The thick-walled orange filler has a very wide neck that can be cleaned and poured at any angle and connected to heavy pipes for absolute filling
  • Multi-Functional Equipment - A versatile tool for use in restaurants, car dealerships, home garages or workplace repairs. It makes it easy to change oil, engine fuel additives and automotive fluids. It has a hook hole for easy hang
  • Easy to use - safe and simple, suitable for use in gasoline, oil, cars, trucks, trucks, SUVs, jeeps, motorcycles, motor homes and other vehicle coolants. Simply insert it into the tank and pour in the liquid to enjoy leak-free, barrier-free and tumbling.
Sale NO. 10
Koehler Enterprises RA990 Multi-Use Siphon Fuel Transfer Pump Kit (for Gas Oil and Liquids)
  • Safely and easily transfer gasoline and other fluids through a siphon intake and discharge system
  • Eliminates need for risky mouth siphoning of dangerous chemicals
  • Included attachment for adapting to an air pump function for inflation

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