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Lisle 44220 Emergency Brake Cable Release Tool
  • Works on drum brake applications as well as vehicles with rear disc brakes
  • The tool can be used on many domestic and import vehicles with an emergency brake cable at the rear wheels
  • Quickly and Easily Pushes the Emergency Brake Cable Out of the Cable Connector for Rear Brake Service or Replacement.
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Bac-kitchen 4 Pcs Brake Caliper Hangers Brake Caliper Hooks with Rubber Tips Automotive Tool for Braking, Bearing, Axle and Suspension Work
  • Perfect brake tool for caliper work: Our brake caliper hook is the perfect tool to hold brake calipers out of the way, reducing the possibility of damage to calipers, brake hoses and other parts.Use of dedicated repair tool makes the automotive work quicker and save your time for added productivity.
  • Durable and safe: our brake caliper hangers are made of durable steel, with sturdy construction, not easy to break, can withstand a weight rating of approximately 100 pounds, safe and durable for you to use. 4 per set, and 8 extra rubber tips.
  • With rubber tips: our brake caliper hangers are designed with rubber tips at both ends, which can help to prevent the scratching of your painted suspension components.
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Five Bananas Brake Caliper Press Tool, Car Ratcheting Brake Caliper Piston Spreader Press Tool with 2 pcs Steel Plates, Red
  • 【Fit for Disc Brake】 The brake caliper press tool is equipped with two groups of push boards: 7.01x2.36 inches and 4.53x2.17 inches, Suitable for most single and twin pistons floating calipers, twin and quad pistons fixed calipers or some sextuplet pistons fixed calipers (Just make sure the piston calipers space can accommodate the spreader)
  • 【Working Principle】The spreader can spreading to push the boards or retracting when finished it. (Ajust by the switch). In expanded mode, the centrally located ratchet screw creates uniform thrust to the push boards that can quickly push several pistons in the caliper at the same time. Effectively save energy and greatly improve efficiency.
  • 【How to use】Make the push boards both sides Centralized Alignment the pistons, let both sides of the push boards be forced at the same time (press both sides to assist in starting until push boards press the pistons), swing the handle until the push boards press the pistons to the suitable position, last, ajust the switch, retract the boards to remove the spreader.
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beduan Disc Brake Piston Caliper, Wind Back Car Repair Brake Pad Replacement Tool for Automotive
  • Made of premium steel material, with high strength and good hardness.
  • Brake piston rewind tool.The Distance of two pins is 22mm. The Diameter of the pins head is 6mm.
  • Suitable for using on disc brake calipers, fitted to most cars with right handed thread.
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[2 Pack] Brake Caliper Hooks / Brake Caliper Hangers - Excellent Hook / Hanger for Automotive Tool Use - by Mission Automotive
  • The Perfect Brake Tool For Caliper Work: Our brake caliper hook is the perfect tool to hold brake calipers out of the way, reducing the possibility of damage to calipers, brake hoses and other parts
  • Useful For An Array Of Automotive Work: Brake caliper hangers / caliper hooks are perfect for a variety of automotive work, including tasks related to brakes, wheel bearings, axle shafts and suspension servicing
  • Faster And Easier Than Other Alternatives: By using a dedicated, purpose-specific tool, you'll avoid the waste and time that come with using mechanics wire or zip ties (especially when they're coated in brake grease) making each job easier and faster
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JoyFans Brake Caliper Press Tool, Brake Piston Spreader 360 Degree Ratchet Swing Wrench with 2PCS Steel Plates for Car Ratcheting Single Twin Quad Piston Calipers Brake Pads Replacement
  • Say Bye to C Clamp: Instead of putting up with the mess and inconvenience of a C clamp, pick up the JoyFans brake caliper press tool and try something new to quickly solve troublesome brake jobs. No damage to brake parts would be expected. Disc brake pad spreader tool can easily reset your brake caliper and pistons, compress and align pistons to give enough space for new brake pads replacement, and other brake work. Ideal for automotive brake pump adjustment.
  • Reinforced Plates: Spreading plates(4"L x 2-3/8"W x 1/8"H) have been strengthened and thickened, and external black oxide finish resists rust and corrosion, sturdy enough for long term usage. Metal stamping makes expansion plates are not easy to accidently fall off nor deform, safety guaranteed. Use these along with ratchet mechanism, brake pads can be easily removed and installed. Fully retracted: 1-1/2", fully expanded: 2-1/2". Lubrication is recommended before use.
  • Ratchet Rotation: Brake caliper ratchet tool gives a 360-degree swing that allows you to keep the spreading plates in place while your lever handle moves back and forth for plate expansion or retraction. Avoiding piston misalignment or brake component wear. Flip the switch on the handle, turn the plates anticlockwise to retract, and clockwise to expand. Both steel boards require even pressure to start the ratchet, please squeeze them a few times until they fit into calipers, and then swing them.

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