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ABN Hose Clamp Plier 9-Piece Set – Universal Automotive Fuel Hose, Oil Hose, Water Hose Removal Pliers Remover Tool Kit
  • [Cohesive Plier Clamp Set]: ABN Hose Clamp Plier 9-Piece Set is a one stop shop for taking apart an engine or replacing fuel, oil, and water hoses; Tools in the plyer kit squeeze together taking pressure off hose; Tools can hold the locking tab of connector in an open position leaving your hands free to work elsewhere
  • [Built to Last]: Corrosion-resistant nickel chromium steel; Long-reach hose clamp pliers with 24-inch (61cm) flexible wire cable shaft allows access to awkward angles; Approximate 1.2 to 1.75-inch (3 to 4.4cm) jaw openings swivel to access hose clamps in any position (approximate 8-inch / 20.3cm overall length)
  • [Comfortable Grip]: Molded, rubberized handles for less user fatigue and more productivity; Pliers feature a ratchet locking mechanism that holds clamp in an open position which saves your fingers from accidents and injuries
SaleSale NO. 2
ABN Hose Pincher Pliers 3-Piece Crimping Pinch-Off Tool Set – Automotive Pinching Radiator, Coolant, Heater, Fuel Pinch
  • SAVE COOLANT & SAVE TIME: The ABN Hose Pincher Pliers 3-Piece Crimping Pinch-Off Tool Set – Automotive Pinching Radiator, Coolant, Heater, Fuel Pinch is a lifesaver when performing fuel line or coolant maintenance; Easily pinch off cooling hoses instead of losing coolant and it spilling all over engine on certain jobs such as valve cover gasket replacements; No need to drain systems before servicing; Ratcheting jaws allow for automatic locking to save you even more time
  • EASY TO USE: Simply use the ratcheting mechanism on the pliers to close the jaws and squeeze shut your desired hose; Plier jaws swivel to ensure a complete shut off
  • 3-IN-1 SET: Package includes (3) pinch off pliers – a small 8-inch (20.3cm) long tool with a 1.5-inch (3.8cm) contact area, 10-inch (25.4cm) long tool with a 1.75-inch (4.4cm) contact area, and 12-inch (30.5cm) long tool with a 2-inch (5.1cm) contact area
SaleSale NO. 3
ABN Automotive Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover Installer Tool Kit – Puller Removal Set for GM, Ford, Chrysler Truck
  • EFFORTLESSLY REMOVE POWER STEERING LINES: The ABN Automotive Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover Installer Tool Kit is a disconnect toolset that releases and installs the power steering line from the pump on most American domestic vehicles such as 1989 to current GM pickups 1T, 1/2T, and 3/4T; Fits pulley hubs with diameters of 1-1/8 inch , 1-1/4 inch , 1-5/16 inch, and 1-3/8 inch
  • EASY TO USE: We recommend using lubrication on the tools before use; Place the threaded screw in the center of your pulley with the half-moon clamp shells and lip retaining ring surrounding it, then place the grabber nut center piece with a die on top, tightly screw the threaded stud onto the center of the end of your puller nut, and then use a ratchet, crescent wrench, or air gun with socket to loosen and remove
  • FITS YOUR VEHICLE: For use on Saginaw, Thompson, and Ford C111, C2 power steering pumps found on Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles; Two included screws for use on most Ford, Chrysler, GM, and Volkswagen VW power steering pulleys GM 3.1L, 3100, 3400 and 3800 V6 Engines or 2.3lL QUAD 4 four-cylinder engine, Ford 4.6L, 5.4L and 5.8L modular V8 engines, and more; Pulls pulleys on GM belt-driven vacuum pumps and press-on water pump pulleys on GM V6 engines
SaleSale NO. 4
ABN Precision Scraper, Hook, and Pick 9-Piece Set – Small 6.5in and Large 10in Automotive and Electronic Tools
  • PRACTICAL HOOK AND PICK SET: Precisely probe, pierce, pry, and position small parts like o rings, washers, wires, and gaskets by using the ABN Precision Scraper, Hook, and Pick 9-Piece Set; Designed for ignition systems, intake valves, rifle bolt faces, and electronics; Use this automotive pick set as an O ring pick set, radiator hose pick set, seal remover and installation tool, or gasket scraper set
  • USE IN HOME OR MECHANICS SHOP: These lightweight mechanics pick sets feature ultra-fine tips that easily scrape and hook parts when you are repairing computers, toys, appliances, and machinery; While these automotive hand tools are meant to be used in your garage, workshop, or mechanic shop, it can also be used around the house
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Hand picks and hook tools features a plastic molded handle that is lined with a soft rubber layer to provide comfort to help prevent hand fatigue during prolonged use; Knurled grip on shaft provides extra grip for control and maneuverability
SaleSale NO. 5
ABN Premium Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit - 11 Piece Pry Bar Set, Fastener Remover, No Scratch Trim Removal Set
  • AUTOMOTIVE TRIM REMOVAL TOOL SET: The ABN Automotive Plastic Trim Tools Body Trim Tool Kit includes 11 car external and auto internal removal tools that fit all makes and models of vehicles, boats, and RVs; Use this plastic trim removal kit to remove window trim, door panels, dashboards, stereo systems, vents, upholstery, moldings, wheel hubs, clips, fasteners, and decorative pieces on your vehicle like car emblems
  • NO MORE PAINT SCRATCHES: Car trim removal tools kit allows you to work on your vehicle without scratching the finish on your car or damaging your vehicle trim; Removing trim and other components without the use of this auto trim removal kit can result in compression marks and scratches; You can avoid permanent and costly damage to your car with these car removal trim tool plastic pry tools
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from heavy-duty ABS plastic for increased leverage without causing damage to your vehicle or to the door panel removal tool kit; Lightweight and ergonomic design is easy to hold and made to fit in hard-to-reach areas; Not intended as miniature crowbars – Use hands once the retainer clips are unseated to avoid broken tools and damaged components
SaleSale NO. 6
ABN Automotive Trim and Panel Removal Tool Kit 27-Piece Set – Universal Vehicle Scrapers for Car, Truck, SUV, Bike
  • Practical: Use the ABN Automotive Trim and Panel Removal Tool Kit 27-Piece Set – Universal Vehicle Scrapers for Car, Truck, SUV, Bike to quickly release door panels and upholstery clips on your vehicle
  • Versatile: Slim design and an approximate 7” (18cm) length of tools; Perform body work, replace glass or windshield molding, door trim, dashboard and interior panel, emblem or vinyl decal, install stereo equipment, or even remove a bicycle tire; For automotive, marine, and aircraft use
  • Safe: Tools constructed from non-marring impact resistant nylon and fiber to prevent damage to trim and delicate surfaces; Unlike ABS plastic or metal tools, the durable and slightly flexible nylon fiber is designed to flex and is less likely to dent or damage surfaces
SaleSale NO. 7
ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool – 36in Large Breaker Crowbar with Oversized Mechanics Handle for Heavy-Duty Automotive Prying
  • PRY AWAY: The ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool – 36” Inch Large Breaker Crowbar with Oversized Mechanics Handle for Heavy-Duty Automotive Prying is what you need to do serious pry work – Do not settle for anything less; Use in an automotive shop to check steering, suspension, brakes, or loose ball joints, bearings, and bushings on vehicles; Use when you need extra leverage, on the farm, or anywhere that involves work on heavy equipment
  • ANY SPACE, ANY ANGLE: Sharpened, bevel-end angled nose tip creates an extra leverage point and slips into tight spots so you can work in any space and at any angle
  • BUILT TO LAST: Heavy duty heat-treated chrome-plated long pry bar with 3/5” x 3/5” inch (16mm x 16mm) square shaft
SaleSale NO. 8
ABN Thread Pitch Gauge Tool Set – 55 Pc Thread Gauge Tool Screw Thread Pitch Cutting Gauge Tool, Metric and Whitworth
  • DETERMINE A SCREW THREAD PITCH: Skip the flat thread size chart and get hands-on with this pitch measurement thread pitch gauge set; Accurately measure internal and external screw threads with the ABN Screw Thread Pitch Gauge Screw Measurement Tool and Fishtail Gages; Various sizes makes this thread tool suitable for mechanical, mold, and automotive thread inspection
  • PRECISE THREAD MEASUREMENT TOOLS: Constructed of stainless steel provides these lathe thread gauges with maximum durability and longevity; Chrome finish creates an elegant appearance and resists rust and corrosion; Sharply-defined tooth-edged screw measurement gauge thread blades are stamped with size information for easy identification
  • REFERENCE GAUGES: 24 Metric thread sizes and 28 British Standard Whitworth (BSW) screw thread sizes help you indicate thread pitch; Measure the diameter of a screw with a radius gauge (not included), then measure the distance between threads with these thread gages to determine screw and bolt sizes; Each thread size gauge has a hole in the end to fit on the rotating switch for convenient organization and transportation; Rotary switch can be tightened or loosened for better rotation
SaleSale NO. 9
ABN Hydraulic Brake Bleeder Tool – Universal/Master One Man Bleed Hose & Valve Kit for Automotive Car Motorcycle Bike
  • [Efficient Brake Bleeding]: Bleeding the brakes of your vehicle after replacing the brakes removes air from the brake system and allows you to replace old hydraulic brake fluid with new; Use the ABN Brake Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Kit Brake Bleeder Hose to efficiently bleed your brakes
  • [Easy to Use]: Simply attach the brake bleeding kit tubing to the bleeder valve on brake caliper, crank the bleeder valve, and watch the brake fluid through the tubing; Brake flush kit allows you to bleed brakes without calling a mechanic
  • [One-Man Job]: Brake fluid bleeder kit one person set allows one person to easily and quickly bleed brakes without introducing air into the system; One man brake bleeding kit is precision designed for simple, efficient work

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