Best Forney Automotive Tools

Forney 57637 Lug Crimping Tool
  • Hammer type cable lug crimping tool
  • Spring loaded
  • Crimps cable lugs from #6 American Wire-Gauge (AWG) to #3/0 AWG
Forney 60310 Paint Markers, White/Black
  • Oil based paint markers for permanent marking on most surfaces
  • Intense, highly visible, quick drying colors are water and weather resistant
  • Precision valve regulates paint flow
Forney 38073 Solder Rosin 1/16", 4 oz.,Silver
  • Rosin core solder is ideal for electrical wiring connections because of it-Feets non-conductive residue
  • Will not cause corrosion or deteriation of electrical connections
  • Melting point varies highly from 375 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit/190 degrees to 299 degrees Celsius depending on solder size
Forney 70822 Marker, Paint, Yellow
  • The product is YEL Paint Marker
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in China
Forney 410 220 Multi-Process (MP) MIG, TIG, and Stick Welder 120V/230V
  • POWERFUL- Welds up to 1/2" mild steel Output power for MIG welding is 120V 35% @ 90A and 230V 40% @ 200A Stick Welding is 120V 32% @ 80A and 230V 40% @ 200A TIG welding output power is 120V 35% @ 110A and 230V 40% @ 200A
  • PROCESSES- GMAW (MIG) FCAW (Flux-Cored) SMAW (Stick) and GTAW- DC (TIG)
  • DUAL-VOLTAGE- Forney’s 220 Multi-Process welder is equipped with dual-voltage 120V/230V input power and adapter
Forney 55852 Skull Cap, 7-Inch, Black with Red Lining
  • Close to the head style skull cap with small bill for use with welding helmets and all types of headgear
  • Keeps hot sparks out of your hair
  • Quilted for extra strength
Forney 70504 Wire Scratch Brush, Carbon Steel with Curved Wood Handle, 13-3/4-Inch-by-.014-Inch
  • 13-3/4, carbon steel, wire scratch brush with curved Wood handle, strong & durable with solidly imbedded carbon steel bristles
  • Adds a great value
  • Manufactured in China
Forney 60090 Copper Cable Lugs, Number 8 Cable with Number 10 Stud Size, 2-Pack
  • Stud premium copper cable lug
  • Carefully manufactured for sound solid connections
  • Easily crimped or swaged
Forney 57011 Lens Replacement Hardened Glass, 4-1/4-Inch-by-2-Inch, Shade-11
  • Replacement hardened welding lens
  • Fits most brand name helmets using 4 1/4-Inch x 2-Inch window opening
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards
FORNEY Industries 70816 48 Piece Assorted Paint Marker
  • Leaves Vibrant, Long Lasting Markings
  • Ideal For Use On Numerous Surfaces
  • Available In A 48 Count
Forney 71746 Mini-Sanding Disc, Quick Change, 36-Grit, 3-Inch
  • Excellent quality aluminum oxide steel sanding and grinding disc
  • Ideal for weld grinding, blending, finishing, deburring and other general purpose applications
  • Can be used on most types steel as well as fiberglass and plastics
Forney 44560 Stainless Steel Specialty Rod, 1/8-Inch, 1-Pound
  • 312-16 stainless steel alloy is the ultimate rod for most grades of steel using any stick electrode power source
  • Can be used by anyone regardless of prior welding experience
  • Features a superior combination of tensile strength and elongation
Forney 52868 Battery Jumper Cables, Heavy Duty Number 4, 25-Feet
  • Heavy duty battery jumper cables
  • Made with premium copper welding cable
  • Super heavy duty 500 amp clamps used on both ends of cable
Forney 52877 Jumper Battery Cables, Heavy Duty Booster # 2 with 500 Amp Clamps, 20-Feet,Black And Red
  • Heavy-duty, tangle free battery jumper cables made with premium copper welding cable
  • Heavy-duty 500A clamps (Forney ITEM# 54722 are replacement 500A clamps)
  • Copper cables remain flexible even at -40F
Forney 60099 Copper Cable Lugs, Number 2/0 Cable with 1/2-Inch Stud Size, 2-Pack
  • Stud premium copper cable lug
  • Carefully manufactured for sound solid connections
  • Easily crimped or swaged
Forney 72728 Wire Wheel Brush, Fine Crimped with 1/4-Inch Hex Shank, 2-Inch-by-.008-Inch
  • Designed for easy access into narrow holes and confined areas
  • Crimped style for light to medium duty applications
  • Removes rust, scale and paint in hard to reach areas
Forney 52755 Battery Charger, 6V 2A/10A, 12V 2A/10A/40A/200A Engine Starter
  • ETL certified
  • Recessed control panel protects against accidental setting changes. Features LED indicators and button controls for easy reading and accuracy.Wheels: Rubber
  • Voltage: 6-volts and 12-volts
Forney 85392, 2-Plasma Electrode Nozzle Tips and 2-Plasma Cutting Tips Consumable Accessories for Plasma Cutting Torch use with Forney SKU# 251, 302, 303 and 317, 4-Pack
  • SET INCLUDES-2-Plasma cutter electrodes, diameter: 0. 65 mm and 2-Plasma cutting tips, diameter: 0. 25 millimeters
  • BEST USED WITH-Forney’s 317, Fi 115 plasma cutter with air compressor and 251, 20 P plasma cutter. Also fits on Forney’s plasma cutter torch, #85390
  • STEEL THE PLASMA TIP CAN CUT INTO-Forney’s plasma cutting tip cuts into Mild Steel, Cast Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Forney 85337 MIG Welder Nozzle, Tweco Style, 5/8-Inch Bore
  • Tweco compatible 5/8-Inch orifice/bore gas concentration nozzle
  • Fits Tweco and Clarke style MIG guns
  • Suitable for medium duty to heavy duty applications
Forney 70600 Chipping Hammer, Straight Head, 10-1/2-Inch,Black
  • The product is chipping hammer
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in United States

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