GEARWRENCH 81363T Automotive Hand Tools Wrenches Ratchet, Multi, One Size
  • 90 Tooth gear delivers a 4° swing arc to turn a fastener in tight confines
  • Precision engineered high strength pawl for increased durability
  • Locking flex-head with 9 locked positions and unlocked option for adjustable access angle
GEARWRENCH 81012P Automotive Hand Tools Wrenches Ratchet
  • Verstile, top of the line item.
  • Another quality product to add to your collection.
  • Automotive Hand Tools Wrenches Ratchet
GEARWRENCH Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool, 27" - 3684D
  • Since our 1919 beginning, KD Tools has been driven by innovation.
  • From our first specialty tool, the Model-T valve spring lifter, to our latest Ratcheting Puller, we've built our reputation with tools that make tough jobs easy.
  • That's why we are the first choice for thousands of automotive technicians worldwide.
GEARWRENCH Three-Way Battery Tool - 2173DD
  • Sharp steel blades on this tool remove corrosion and put correct angle on terminal Clamps and posts
  • Use six-bladed tapered reamer to quickly clean TERMINAL Clamps
  • Post cleaners are marked positive and negative
GEARWRENCH 8 Pc. Sensor and Sending Socket Set - 41720
  • Designed for the removal and installation of oxygen sensors, oil pressure sending units, and vacuum switches
  • Includes 3/8" drive 7/8" slotted socket for PVS, TVS and O2 sending units
  • Includes 3/8" Drive 7/8" (22mm) socket for Oxygen Sensor Units
GEARWRENCH CV Boot Clamp Tool - 3955
  • Allows for Proper Installation of C Boot
  • Crimps Joints While With Center Pushing Feature
  • Works With Hand, 1/2" Drive Ratchets, or Torque Wrench
GEARWRENCH 15 Piece Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool Set - 3680D
  • Combining the innovation of a GEARWRENCH ratcheting wrench with the requirements of the serpentine belt removal tool to provide the best possible combination
  • Complete tool set for removing or installing the serpentine belt on vehicles with a spring loaded belt tensioner pulley
  • Long bar can hold sockets directly or attach to the ratcheting wrench for maximum access
GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. Auto Body Tool Set - 82302
  • General body tool and dolly set for automotive repairs
  • Hickory handles are flame treated for reliable strength
  • Fine polished finish on the surface of the dolly's
GEARWRENCH Fan Clutch Service Set - 41580D
  • Covers most vehicles with bolt on pulleys
  • Also covers newer Chrysler engines with press on pulleys requiring special pins to hold housing
  • Features the patented universal PULLEY holder
GEARWRENCH 12" Tie Rod Separator - 2288D
  • Manufacturer: GEARWRENCH
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Country of manufacture: Taiwan
GEARWRENCH 57 Pc. 3/8" Drive 6 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set, Standard & Deep, SAE/Metric - 80550
  • Low profile and performance head ratchet with longer reach than most ratchets for added leverage and needs as little as 4.3° to move fasteners for tighter turns
  • Off-corner loading socket design for better grip and reduced fastener rounding
  • Sockets are large hard stamped for easy identification
GEARWRENCH Macpherson Strut Spring Compressor - 3387
  • Made in United States
  • Package Weight: 7.15 pounds
  • Included components: Unit, Instruction Guide
GEARWRENCH 33 Pc. 1/2" Drive 6 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set, Standard & Deep, SAE - 80715
  • Includes Storage Case
  • Full Polish Chrome Sockets With Large Hard Stamp Size Markings
  • 84 Tooth Full Polish Chrome Thin Profile Ratchet
GEARWRENCH 239 Pc. Mechanics Tool Set in 3 Drawer Storage Box - 80942
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 80942
  • Item Package Dimension: 19.5" L x 13.5" W x 12.5" H
GEARWRENCH 12 Piece GearBox 12 Point XL Ratcheting Double Box Wrench Set, Metric - 85988
  • XL GearBox design has a longer beam to increase leverage and torque
  • Bright, full polish chrome finish for rust prevention and easy cleaning, oil and dirt wipes right off
  • 0° offset and slim profile to access the tightest spaces and recessed fasteners
GEARWRENCH 6 Pc. Spindle Nut Set - 41660D
  • "6 chrome vanadium steel 1/2" drive sockets are for most 4WD SUV's and light truck axle locknut applications"
  • Use with a torque wrench, ratchet, or breaker bar
  • Large 4WD spindle puller 3910D (shown third from left) is included in the set but is no longer available individually
GEARWRENCH 8 Pc. Long Hook & Pick Set - 84010
  • 9" Overall length for reach
  • Blades are securely fixed in the handle so they do not twist during use
  • Ergonomic tri-lobe dual material handle provides the optimal balance of strength and efficiency
GEARWRENCH 118 Pc. 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 6 & 12 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set, Standard & Deep, SAE/Metric - 83001D
  • Designed to be longer than most conventional ratchets for added leverage
  • Includes beauty rings and knurled ends which helps quickly identify SAE and metric sockets
  • Features fully polished drive ratchet that consists of low profile head for great comfort and access
GEARWRENCH 114 Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Set, SAE/Metric - 82812
  • Ratcheting T handles wind Dies with a 5° swing arc and have a reversing lever to eliminate hand over hand turning
  • Twist lock guide system reduces the “walk back” of the die guide and keeps the dies centered while cutting
  • Die adapters work on round and hex shaped Dies

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