OEMTOOLS 25924 Body Tool Set, Hammer and Dolly Kit, Car Dent Repair Tools, 7PC Auto Body Repair Kit, Body Fender Tool Set
  • VARIOUS USES: The hammers within this set repair fender damage, while the various dollies restore intricate curves and lines of the vehicle; You can complete tasks such as flattening metal panels, removing dings and dents, and creating outside curves
  • DURABLE: The dollies and hammer heads in this car dent repair kit are composed of steel, so they won’t break during use; The hammer handles in this autobody repair kit are composed of fiberglass and feature a no-slip grip to complete tasks with ease
  • STURDY CARRYING CASE: You never have to worry about losing pieces from this hammer dolly set; Our 7-piece body tool set all fits into one convenient package, so the pieces are easy to find when you need them and easy to store when you are done
OEMTOOLS 24563 Manifold Gauge Set, r134a Manifold Gauge Set, Automotive Air Conditioning Tools, Refrigerant Manifold Gauge Set
  • HIGH QUALITY BRASS BODY WITH SIGHT GLASS: The body of this AC manifold gauge set is durable and prevents rust due to its high-quality brass body; The gauges are easy to read and see thanks to the sight glasses
  • EASY-TO-GRIP CHROME PLATED HANDLES: The handles on this manifold gauge set are large and easy to grip, so you don’t strain your hands; These AC gauge set handles are also chrome plated for durability, rust-resistance, and an easy to clean surface
  • EASY STORAGE: With 2 couplers, 3 hoses, and a manifold gauge, it is easy to misplace pieces, making it impossible to get the job done; This AC pressure gauge set offers hose holders for easy storage, so you always have every piece at your fingertips
OEMTOOLS 22645 4 Piece Automotive Pliers Set, Lineman Plier, Diagonal Cutters, Long Nose Pliers, Pliers Wrench Automotive Tools, Pliers Set
  • MECHANICS TOOL SET: For use in the garage or in the workplace; Our pliers tool sets for mechanics is great for wire cutting, cutting soft metallic mesh, working with fasteners, and more; The hard teeth on our pliers set ensures long lasting strength
  • UTILITY CUTTING TOOLS: The lineman, diagonal, and long nose pliers have induction hardened cutting edges to slice through wire and cable; Grip and snip wires with the long nose and lineman pliers; Grip, twist, and bend with our wire pliers
  • TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS: Our speed-fit groove joint pliers feature induction hardened teeth that firmly grasp pipe fittings or bolts; The adjustable tongue and groove pliars open up as a wrench to fit around clamps, bolts, and other components
OEMTOOLS 23984 121 Piece Mechanic's Tool Set, Mechanic Tool Set Automotive, Tools Set Mechanic, Vehicle Tool Kit Set, Auto Tool Set, Portable Tool Set
  • MASSIVE AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS SET: The tools for mechanics set is everything you need to get started; Mechanics tool set includes multiple sizes of wrenches and sockets; OEM tools work for most standard vehicle repairs
  • DEPENDABLE PLIERS: The tool box set includes a pair of sturdy pliers with precision machined jaws; The pliers in this complete tool box set features innovative grip to reduce hand fatigue
  • EXTRA STRONG: The pieces in the tool kit for mechanics are made with a unique alloy steel that is heat-treated for super strength and longevity; Pieces in this tool box kit won’t bend or break
OEMTOOLS 25136 One Man Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test Kit, Useful Tool for Automotive Tune-Ups, Diagnosis, & Testing, One-Person Brake Bleeding
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This brake bleeder kit is ideal for a wide variety of automotive applications, including bleeding brake fluid and changing power steering fluid; Also good for tune ups, diagnostics, and use as a siphon or fluid transfer pump
  • VACUUM BRAKE BLEEDER: With the hand vacuum pump, there's no need to have an assistant in the car pressing the brake during brake bleeding; Our brake bleeder pump vacuums approximately 1 cubic inch per stroke
  • SAFE BRAKE SYSTEM BLEEDING TOOLS: Our brake fluid bleeder kit is the safest, easiest way to bleed brakes without an assistant; Our brake bleeding kit's vacuum gauge is scaled in inches and centimeters of mercury for easy reading
OEMTOOLS 27113 18 Piece Disc Caliper Set, Brake Pad Replacement Tool, Works on Most Domestic Cars with Disc Brakes, Forces Pistons Back into the Caliper
  • DISC BRAKE CALIPER TOOL SET: These brake tools are used for brake repair and replacement jobs; Disc brake kit includes caliper adapters (1-3/16" to 2-1/2") and a caliper rotation tool with left-handed threads
  • WORKS WITH MANY VEHICLES: The caliper adapters included in this brake caliper tool kit allow the OEM brake caliper tool to be used on most domestic and imported cars that require clockwise rotations
  • ROTATES PISTONS: This caliper wind back tool can rotate or force pistons back into the calipers, providing clearance for new pads; Disc brake caliper repair kit is for use on single piston calipers
OEMTOOLS 25220 Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Tool, Removes Valve Spring Keepers and Springs Without Removing Cylinder Heads, Automotive Valve Spring Compressor
  • FITS MOST VEHICLES: This valve spring removal tool is designed for use on most trucks and cars that have overhead valves; Spring compressor tool adjusts to fit the springs of most cars and trucks with overhead valves
  • QUICK AND EASY: The valve spring compression tool removes the valve spring keepers and springs without needing to remove the cylinder head; Easily removes or replaces valve springs on most vehicles
  • ADJUSTABLE VALVE REMOVAL TOOL: Sliding t-handle for close closures lets this small valve spring compressor to fit most vehicles; Jaws are offset to grip springs in parallel compression position, and are long enough for use on high compression engines
OEMTOOLS 26681 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge for Cars and Emergency Tool Measures up to 150 PSI, Easy to Read LCD, Seatbelt Cutter, Glass Breaker
  • CONVENIENT DISPLAY: Digital tire gauge features a bright backlit blue LCD display and lighted nozzle; Our tire gauge can be used any time, day or night, in any situation
  • MULTI-TOOL: In addition to being a top-notch tire pressure gauge, our OEMTOOLS 26681 air pressure gauge features tire deflation function, a seat belt cutter, and a window breaking emergency hammer
  • PORTABLE AND STYLISH: This stylish Hi-Viz green tire pressure gauge weighs in at about three ounces, making it highly portable; No matter where you are; Keep our convenient digital air pressure gauge for tires with you wherever you go
OEMTOOLS 25311 Automotive Window and Door Clip Remover and Installer, Auto Door Panel Removal Tool, Door Panel Clip Tool
  • VERSATILE: This clip removal tool works on a variety of different models including GM, Ford, and other vehicles using the “C” type clip; You can use this auto trim removal tool set again and again for many different jobs
  • PREVENTS DAMAGE: While trying to remove things like window cranks and window clips, it is easy to damage windows and doors; You don't have to worry with this panel removal tool; Our car clip remover will not cause damage to any car parts
  • EASY APPLICATION: This fastener removal tool is easy to use; Just slip the tool between the two pieces you are trying to separate such as the window crank and the door panel; Wiggle the car door removal tool around, then, lift
OEMTOOLS 27106 Heater Hose Disconnect Tool, Line Disconnect, Automotive Hose Removal Tool, OEM Heater Hose Disconnect, Automotive Quick Disconnect Tool
  • EASIER REMOVAL: The heater hose quick disconnect tool can be used to remove heater hoses from heater core tubes without damaging the coupling retainer; Helps speed up removal process
  • DUAL USE: The disconnect tool is double-ended to work with 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch quick disconnect couplings; The heater hose disconnect tool provides versatile use
  • SAVE FRUSTRATION: The heater hose disconnect tool helps save time and energy during a difficult repair; Use this tool instead of your hands
OEMTOOLS 24211 Universal Hood Prop Rod | Expand from 21 Inches to Nearly 48 Inches to Hold Hood at Desired Height | Fits All Passenger Cars and Trucks | Useful Tool for Engine and Body Work
  • UNIVERSAL: Hood Prop Rod Contracts to 21 inches and telescopes to 47-1/2 inches; Features a simple twist-lock mechanism to remain extended underneath weight of nearly any hood
  • AUTO REPAIR TOOL: Can hold up hood even if the rod is offset to one side of the vehicle (doesn’t have to be centered), allowing for greater access to the engine; Useful for propping doors and trunk
  • DURABLE AND SAFE: Aluminum body is durable and light; Rubber ends prevent damage to hood, vehicle or paint job
OEMTOOLS 25195 2 Inch Inspection Mirror | Automotive Mechanic's Inspection Mirror | Look Under Cars, Tool Chests, etc., & Find Lost Parts | 360 Degree Viewing | Extends from 7-1/2 to 17 Inches
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Durable copper-backed mirror with stainless steel frame to last a lifetime
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for automotive mechanics, inspectors, HVAC installers, and homeowners; quickly locate leaks and lost tools under vehicles
  • EASY TO MANEUVER: Extends from 7-1/2 inches to 17 inches; Full 360 Degree swivel
OEMTOOLS 25314 Trim Fastener & Molding Removal Tool Kit | Each Tools’ Contours are Specially Designed for Removal of Automotive Molding, Fasteners, & Bezels | Pry Tools Won’t Scratch Your Car
  • Specifically designed with extra slim profiles for the finer jobs
  • Special contours and unique features for effective and safe removal of fine or delicate bezels
  • The pry tools won't scratch or mar fascia like metal tools can
OEMTOOLS 27036 MacPherson 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor, Set of 2 Universal Spring Compressor Tools, 9.75 Inch Maximum Safe Opening
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY: Compress most sizes of MacPherson strut springs with the OEMTOOLS strut spring compressor; Quickly and safely compress the strut spring for easy replacement of the strut cartridge or strut assembly repair
  • LOCKS INTO PLACE: Safer spring compression with the broad spring contact and built-in detent pins; Strut compressor tools make changing front and rear struts safer and easier
  • LONG LASTING: Forged hooks and hardened center screw make these spring compressors the safest on the market
OEMTOOLS 25282 5/16 Inch Battery Terminal Wrench | Easily Change Automotive, RV, or Boat Batteries | Double Sided, Fits 5/16 Inch & 10mm Terminals | Extra Long Safety-Coated Handle Protects from Shock
  • REACHES RECESSED TERMINALS: At 9-1/2 inches in length, this ratcheting battery terminal wrench is long enough to access recessed battery terminals, and hard-to-reach car, truck, and RV batteries
  • MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY: 10 mm & 5/16 ratcheting heads on a single terminal wrench; with the wrench’s smooth ratcheting action, you can easily perform battery maintenance or replacement
  • ARC RESISTANT: Thick vinyl handle on the terminal wrench isn’t electrically conductive, reducing the risk of dangerous arcing
OEMTOOLS 27138 Compression Tester Gauge Set, Cylinder Compression Tool, Automotive Compression Tester
  • Test Compression 0-300 psi on 14 mm and 18 mm Spark Plug Ports
  • Flexible Rubber Hose Extension
  • 2 Step Adapter 14 and 18 mm
OEMTOOLS 24538 Heavy Duty Automotive U Joint Puller, Mechanic’s Tool for Disassembling Drivelines, Removes Seized U-Joint Cups on Class 7 & 8 Trucks
  • REMOVE ON VARIETY OF MODELS: This Heavy Duty U Joint Puller features a universal fit that easily removes seized U-joint cups on most class 7 and 8 trucks
  • GENTLE ON VEHICLES: This U Joint Press handles the toughest jobs while preventing damage on the driveshaft, yokes, joints, and bearing cups, reducing the need to purchase replacement parts
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: Use this U Joint Tool to safely disassemble drivelines without hammering or heating components; It can be used with a 1 inch drive impact wrench or smaller
OEMTOOLS 26535 Mini Hook and Pick Set- 4 Piece, Pick Set Mechanic, Hook Tool, Pick Tool, Mechanics Pick Set, Automotive Mini Pick Hook, Pick Tool Set
  • VERSATILE SET: Give yourself a hook and pick tool set that can do it all; The pick set tools' high carbon heat treated steel is great for car gasket and hose removal; The fine tips are ideal for positioning wires, removing small fuses, and more
  • QUALITY IN DURABILITY: An easily bent pick set automotive tool is worthless; Our mechanic pick is engineered with high carbon heat-treated steel; Go beyond automotive repairs and use this set’s O ring hook to remove small fuses or retrieve washers
  • EMBRACE COMFORT: Using tool hooks in tight spaces gets tricky; Comfort and control from our automotive pick set comes with a slip resistant cushion grip and knurled shaft grip keeping your hand steady and comfortable while working the hook pick
OEMTOOLS 24833 Floor Jack Crossbeam, Jack Cross Beam Adapter, Car Floor Jack Low Profile, Beam Extension, Floor Jack Adapter, Floor Jack Cross Beam
  • COMPATIBLE: The low profile jack crossbeam is compatible with any 1-1/8 inch floor jack; No need to search for special parts or attachments; Low profile car jack crossbeam features 1.5 to 2 ton rated capacity
  • AIDS IN REPAIRS: The 1.5 to 2 ton floor jack crossbeam helps lift vehicles without axle beams to help aid in repairs like tire changes, brake inspections, oil drain plug replacements, oil filter changes, steering and suspension repairs, and more
  • EXPANDABLE REACH: Easily slide out the bars to extend the reach from 23 inches to 32 inches; Threaded pad design on 1.5 to 2 ton jack crossbeam provides an additional 2 inch adjustment; Adjusts to fit most vehicles

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