Best OEMTOOLS Automotive Tools

OEMTOOLS 25136 One Man Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test Kit, Useful Tool for Automotive Tune-Ups, Diagnosis, & Testing, One-Person Brake Bleeding
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This brake bleeder kit is ideal for a wide variety of automotive applications, including bleeding brake fluid and changing power steering fluid; Also good for tune ups, diagnostics, and use as a siphon or fluid transfer pump
  • VACUUM BRAKE BLEEDER: With the hand vacuum pump, there's no need to have an assistant in the car pressing the brake during brake bleeding; Our brake bleeder pump vacuums approximately 1 cubic inch per stroke
  • SAFE BRAKE SYSTEM BLEEDING TOOLS: Our brake fluid bleeder kit is the safest, easiest way to bleed brakes without an assistant; Our brake bleeding kit's vacuum gauge is scaled in inches and centimeters of mercury for easy reading
OEMTOOLS 27036 MacPherson 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor, Set of 2 Universal Spring Compressor Tools, 9.75 Inch Maximum Safe Opening
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY: Compress most sizes of MacPherson strut springs with the OEMTOOLS strut spring compressor; Quickly and safely compress the strut spring for easy replacement of the strut cartridge or strut assembly repair
  • LOCKS INTO PLACE: Safer spring compression with the broad spring contact and built-in detent pins; Strut compressor tools make changing front and rear struts safer and easier
  • LONG LASTING: Forged hooks and hardened center screw make these spring compressors the safest on the market
OEMTOOLS 25355 24 Inch Straight Edge, Machined Straight Edge, Use with Feeler Gauges for Accurate Automotive Repairs, Checks Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks
  • PROFESSIONAL STRAIGHT EDGE: Our straight edge tool is designed to be used with feeler gauges to complete engine work; Straight edge tool for cylinder heads features a machined straight edge, making inspections for distortion and flatness easy
  • USEFUL FOR MANY AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS: These machinist tools allow you to inspect for flaws on engine blocks, cylinder heads, fly wheels, main bearing saddles, cam bearing saddles, cam covers, and bell housings
  • ACCURATE STRAIGHT EDGE: This machinist straight edge features a precision ground edge to +/- 0.001 inch for inspections; These straight edges provide true precision, eliminating the imprecision of visually inspecting cylinder heads for flaws
OEMTOOLS 25997 600 Lumen Lithium-Ion Rechargeable LED Portable Work Light, Black/Green
  • Super Bright 600 Lumens at 100%
  • Runtime: High (6 Hrs./ 600 Lumens), Medium (10 Hrs./ 300 Lumens), Low (54 Hrs./ 50 Lumens), Strobe (14 Hrs.) and S.O.S. (19 Hrs.)
  • Strong Magnetic Back Attaches to Any Ferrous Metal Surface
OEM TOOLS 27178 Master Inner Tie Rod Tool Set, Remove & Install Tie Rods in Cars, Pickups, and SUVs, Includes 12 Crowfoot Adapters & 1/2 Inch Drive Tube
  • INNER TIE ROD REMOVAL TOOL Set: Includes 12 sizes of crowfoot-style adapters: 1-3/16", 1-1/4", 1-5/16", 1-3/8", 1-7/16", 1-1/2" and 29 mm, 32. 5 mm, 33. 6 mm, 38. 4 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm; Easily remove most inner tie rod ends
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Tie rod puller tool's crowfoot adapters are nickel plated for durability
  • WIDELY USEFUL INNER TIE ROD TOOL: Tube Handle Inner Diameter is 2.125 In. to Service Small Cars, Pick-ups and Large SUVs
OEMTOOLS 25311 Automotive Window and Door Clip Remover and Installer | Remove Door Handles & Window Cranks with this Window & Door Clip Tool | Works on GM, Ford, and any vehicle w/ “C" type clip
  • WORKS ON VARIOUS VEHICLES: This window clip removal tool works on GM, Ford, and other vehicles using the common and effective "C" type clip
  • PREVENTS DAMAGE: While using this door handle clip tool, you don’t have to worry about damaging your vehicle
  • EASY APPLICATION: This door crank removal tool is easy and fast to use for anyone. Simply attach it underneath the door handle and lift
OEM TOOLS 24338 100A Battery Tester & Voltmeter, Test The Health of 6 or 12 Volt Systems, Works for Cars, Trucks, RVs, Golf Carts, Easy to Read
  • SIMPLE, POWERFUL VOLTAGE TESTER: It only takes 10 seconds for our car battery tester do its job; Widely useful—tests the batteries of cars, trucks, RVs, and can even be used as golf cart battery meter
  • BATTERY AND ALTERNATOR TESTER: Our battery analyzer doubles as an alternator tester and can easily tell you whether your alternator is properly charging your battery
  • MADE FOR 6V AND 12V BATTERIES: This handheld 6v and 12v battery load tester is made for testing up to 1,000CCA; It tests three aspects of battery health: battery condition, load, and alternator health
OEMTOOLS 87009 No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit, Near Universal Fitment, Translucent, 15 Piece Set, Cooling System Funnel Allows Access To Hard-To-Reach Radiators
  • SPILL FREE FUNNEL: Our coolant filler kit funnels automotive fluids, such as radiator coolant and oil, cleanly into any vehicle; the long burp funnel prevents spills and trapped air during refills after a coolant flush
  • ULTIMATE MULTI-VEHICLE FUNNEL KIT: 4 cap adapters, 5 filler neck adapters, 3 extensions, a stopper, and a high quality transparent coolant funnel form a funnel kit more complete than others
  • NEAR UNIVERSAL FITMENT: This spillfree funnel is ideal for an engine flush, a coolant pressure tester kit, even for a radiator flush; Coolant refill kit features near-universal fitment for American and foreign vehicles
OEMTOOLS 24986 Heavy Duty Stool, Rolling Mechanic Seat and Creeper Seat, Mechanics Stool with Wheels, Rolling Tool Seat, Creepers Automotive, Green and Black, 300 lb Capacity
  • NO TIP-OVERS: Rolling shop stool's extra-large 12 inch x 22 inch wheelbase reduces chances of tipping, even when rolling over cracks, air hoses, or extension cords; Injection molded seat and frame and steel base are sturdy, reliable, and comfortable
  • POWERFUL STORAGE SOLUTION: Rolling stool features removable clip-in trays for ample storage and easy transport of tools; Trays feature screwdriver storage holes for easy organization and tool access; Sliding front drawer for even more storage
  • CUP AND BOTTLE HOLDERS: Mechanic stool features (4) multi-purpose cup holders that can be used to hold fluids, cleaners, or beverages; Our shop stools with wheels are built to help you work in comfort
OEM TOOLS 25367 Disc Brake Rotor Micrometer
  • Large LCD Display with SAE or Metric Reading
  • 0.001" Accuracy, 0.0005" Reading
  • Manual Power ON/OFF
OEMTOOLS 24689 3 Piece Hose Pinching Pliers Set | Mechanics Tool for Clamping Fuel, Bake, Coolant, & Vacuum Hoses During Engine Work | Powerful & Easy to Use Engine Tools | Mess Free | Green in Color
  • 3 PIECE HOSE PINCHING PLIERS SET: Comes with Small (1/8" to 5/16"), Medium (1/2" to 3/4"), and Large (3/4" to 2-1/2") fluid hose pinching pliers
  • WILL NOT DAMAGE HOSES: These lightweight and non-metallic hose clamp pliers provide a tight, no-slip grip on hoses and will not damage, break, or puncture your fluid lines
  • EASY TO USE MONEY SAVING TOOL: Slide-locking design helps these flexible hose pinching pliers completely stop the flow of liquids through flexible hose lines; keep your brake, power steering, engine, and radiator fluids inside your car instead of draining them before repairs AND SAVE MONEY
OEM TOOLS 24538 Heavy Duty Automotive U Joint Puller, Mechanic’s Tool for Disassembling Drivelines, Removes Seized U-Joint Cups on Class 7 & 8 Trucks
  • REMOVE ON VARIETY OF MODELS: This Heavy Duty U Joint Puller features a universal fit that easily removes seized U-joint cups on most class 7 and 8 trucks
  • GENTLE ON VEHICLES: This U Joint Press handles the toughest jobs while preventing damage on the driveshaft, yokes, joints, and bearing cups, reducing the need to purchase replacement parts
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: Use this U Joint Tool to safely disassemble drivelines without hammering or heating components; It can be used with a 1 inch drive impact wrench or smaller
OEMTOOLS 24539 Automotive U Joint Puller, U Joints Drive Shaft Tool, Removes Seized U-Joint Cups on Passenger Vehicles, Use 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench
  • REMOVE ON VARIETY OF MODELS: This universal U Joint Puller features a universal fit that easily removes seized U-joint cups on most passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks
  • GENTLE ON VEHICLES: This U Joint Press handles the toughest jobs while preventing damage on the driveshaft, yokes, joints, and bearing cups, reducing the need to purchase replacement parts
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: Use this U Joint Tool to safely disassemble drivelines without hammering or heating components; It can be used with a 1/2 inch drive impact wrench
OEMTOOLS 24233 Wheel Stud Alignment Pin, 8-Piece Set, Wheel Alignment & Balancing Tools for Bolts, Euro Tool, Wheel Alignment Tool, Automotive Wheels
  • FAST AND EASY USE: This tire changing tool set makes installing wheels much easier on vehicles that use wheel bolts instead of studs or lug nuts; Tire hanger works when replacing damaged or broken bolts
  • PREVENTS INJURY AND DAMAGE: These hanger bolts align the holes and secure the wheel to the hub; Minimize the risk of injuries and damage by preventing the tire wheel from falling; Eliminate the struggle to balance the wheel studs
  • FITS A VARIETY OF VEHICLES: This wheel guide tool is useful for vehicles without bolts or studs, including older models of European cars; Wheel hanger also works with many newer vehicles that are missing bolts or studs
OEMTOOLS 27011 2/3 Jaw 2-Ton Puller, Gear Puller 2 Jaw, 3 Jaw Puller Set, 2 Jaw Puller, Pully Puller Set, Gear Puller 2 or 3 Jaw, Gear Puller Set
  • HEAVY PULLING: The pulley puller can be used to safely and effectively removed pressed-on gears, pulleys, bearing flanges, and flywheels from shafts and housings; No need for power tools or impact wrenches
  • QUICKER REPAIRS: The bearing puller increase productivity and cut down on number of tools; Three jaw puller is designed to make effective repairs in less time
  • MORE VERSATILITY: The gear puller tool can switch between 2 or 3 adjustable jaws depending on the type of component that needs removing; Easy to switch out number of jaws on the OEM pulley puller
OEMTOOLS 24937 6.0 Liter Pneumatic/Manual Fluid Extractor 1.5 Gallon (6L) | Convenient Oil Change & Fluid Change Tool | Easy-to-Use Hand Pump and Vacuum Pump Functions | No Leaks, No Overfills
  • VERSATILE AUTOMOTIVE FLUID REMOVER: Vacuum extractor pump features a venturi valve and pumping handle, offering both pneumatic and manual fluid extraction methods; Functions as an oil extractor pump, transmission fluid extractor vacuum, coolant fluid pump, and much more
  • FLEXIBLE HOSE AND TWO ADAPTERS: Manual vacuum pump kit includes a 5 foot main flexible hose that snaps into the coupler with a firm press and is removed by unscrewing the coupler, breaking the suction; (2) 41 inch extended dipstick hose adapters
  • SAFE TO USE: Fluid pump extractor removes fluids directly from dipstick tubes; 6 liter single-piece reservoir features a leak-proof bottom; Overflow shutoff valve for mess-free extraction; Removable lid makes extracted fluids easy to recycle; Best oil extractor out there
OEM TOOLS 24899 Soft Fleece Fender Cover | Protect Your Paint Job While You Work on Your Car | Fleece is Machine Washable | 42 in. x 24 in. | Green
  • Cover is Machine Washable
  • Large 42 In. x 24 In. Size for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs
  • Hi-Viz Green with OEMTOOLS logo
OEM TOOLS 25156 Fuel Pump Module Spanner Wrench, Black
  • Fully Adjustable for Inside and Outside Grip
  • Removes and Installs the Fuel Pump Retaining Ring
OEMTOOLS 24293 Stubby Star Socket Driver Set, 1/4 Drive, 13 Piece | Star Bit Set Good for Car Repair Work | T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25. T27, T30, T40, T45, T47, & T50 | Bit Organizer Rail Included
  • Set includes sizes: T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25. T27, T30, T40, T45, T47 and T50
  • 3/4" overall length designed for limited access applications
  • Light aluminum rail for easy storage

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