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OEMTOOLS 24539 Automotive U Joint Puller, U Joint Tool Works On Most Passenger Vehicles and Light Duty Trucks, Easy-to-Use U Joint Puller, Green
  • REMOVE ON VARIETY OF MODELS: Don’t rely on dangerous and damaging methods like hammers, sockets, and vises to remove U joints; Remove stubborn seized U joint cups on most passenger vehicles and light duty trucks with our high quality affordable U joint removal tool
  • GENTLE ON VEHICLES: Prevent damage on the driveshaft, yokes, joints, and bearing cups by utilizing our U joint press; This excellent DIY universal joint puller saves you a trip to the mechanic and removes the need for hammering and heating methods
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: No hassle and safe to use; Our heavy duty universal joint puller can be used with a 1/2" drive impact wrench or smaller; Yokes easily fit into the 1” to 1.25” outside diameter bearing cup; Lubricate the screw before use
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OEMTOOLS 25136 One Man Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test Kit, Useful Tool for Automotive Tune-Ups, Diagnosis, & Testing, One-Person Brake Bleeding
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This brake bleeder kit is ideal for a wide variety of automotive applications, including bleeding brake fluid and changing power steering fluid; Also good for tune ups, diagnostics, and use as a siphon or fluid transfer pump
  • VACUUM BRAKE BLEEDER: With the hand vacuum pump, there's no need to have an assistant in the car pressing the brake during brake bleeding; Our brake bleeder pump vacuums approximately 1 cubic inch per stroke
  • SAFE BRAKE SYSTEM BLEEDING TOOLS: Our brake fluid bleeder kit is the safest, easiest way to bleed brakes without an assistant; Our brake bleeding kit's vacuum gauge is scaled in inches and centimeters of mercury for easy reading
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OEMTOOLS 27178 Master Inner Tie Rod Tool Set, Remove & Install Tie Rods in Cars, Pickups, and SUVs, Includes 12 Crowfoot Adapters & 1/2 Inch Drive Tube
  • INNER TIE ROD REMOVAL TOOL SET: This tie rod kit Includes 12 sizes of crowfoot-style adapters: 1-3/16", 1-1/4", 1-5/16", 1-3/8", 1-7/16", 1-1/2" and 29 mm, 32.5 mm, 33.6 mm, 38.4 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm; Easily remove most inner tie rod ends
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Tie rod puller tool's crowfoot adapters are nickel plated for durability; Work the inner tie rod tool kit on your tierod end with the confidence that your tie rod set won't bend or break during use; Get the most from our tie rods tool
  • WIDELY USEFUL INNER TIE ROD TOOL: Be sure you have an inner tie rod kit that can easily reach your inner tie rod without removing the rack and pinion; Tube handle inner diameter is 2.125 in. to service small cars, pick-ups, and SUVs
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OEMTOOLS 87009 No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit, Near Universal Fitment, Translucent, 15 Piece Set, Cooling System Funnel Allows Access To Hard-To-Reach Radiators
  • SPILL FREE FUNNEL: Our coolant filler kit funnels automotive fluids, such as radiator coolant and oil, cleanly into any vehicle; the long burp funnel prevents spills and trapped air during refills after a coolant flush
  • ULTIMATE MULTI-VEHICLE FUNNEL KIT: 4 cap adapters, 5 filler neck adapters, 3 extensions, a stopper, and a high quality transparent coolant funnel form a funnel kit more complete than others
  • NEAR UNIVERSAL FITMENT: This spillfree funnel is ideal for an engine flush, a coolant pressure tester kit, even for a radiator flush; Coolant refill kit features near-universal fitment for American and foreign vehicles
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OEMTOOLS 26052 Magnetic Foldable Tray, 4 Pack Collapsible Bowl Set for Small Parts and Tools, Silicone Tray, Red, Blue, Orange, and Green Magnetic Tool Tray Set
  • FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC TOOL: These magnetic bowls for holding nuts and bolts contain five magnets in their base and collapse or expand to increase magnetic tray depth for adding additional objects or discrete parts storage; Ideal magnetic tray set for mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, and more
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT: Our collapsible tray set features a base with strong magnets, providing a secure hold to most metal surfaces while securing metal parts and tools inside each small parts holder; Non-marring magnetic screw tray set leaves no damages
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION: This magnetic parts tray set includes multiple colors, allowing for easy color coding of parts and convenient organization that will help speed up projects; Set of trays comes with blue, orange, green, and red collapsible bowls
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OEMTOOLS 25379 Medium Fuel Line Hose Clamps, Yellow, Non-Metallic Hose Clamp Pliers Automotive, Gas Line Pliers, Small Engine Tools, 7.5 Inch Pincher
  • SAVE TIME AND FLUID: Instead of the hassle and waste of draining a whole system when replacing or servicing a part, these hose clamp pliers can keep the car fluid intact while you get the job done; As a brake tool, it can secure the brake line
  • WORKS ON MANY HOSES: The 7.5" hose pinch pliers serve as a great medium sized hose clamp tool for closing up any flexible 1/4 hose or 3/4 hose; They are designed to clamp 1/4 inch fuel line, vacuum hose line, any brake hose, and more
  • NON-METALLIC CONSTRUCTION: Metal hose pliers can damage hoses by clamping too tightly and can increase the likelihood of electrical shorts and accidents; The non-metallic construction of our hose pinch off pliers keeps you and your hoses protected
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OEMTOOLS 25429 O-Ring and Seal Remover Set | Perfect for Removing & Replacing O Rings & Seals | Perfect for Mechanics & Home Garages | 4 Pack: Includes 2 Contoured & 2 Spoon Tips | Green & Black
  • REMOVE HARD-TO-REACH O RINGS: This o-ring remover can deal with hard-to-reach and difficult to remove o-rings. O-rings are built to withstand enormous pressure, and they’re used all throughout your automobile to connect and create a tight seal between two parts; our o-ring removal tools are designed with professionals in mind
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOL SET: Two (2) contoured tipped o-ring picks and Two (2) spoon tipped o-ring picks; comprehensive o-ring gasket removal tool set removes old o-rings without damaging or scratching automotive parts
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The contoured and spoon-tipped o-ring removers each come in two different lengths—OAL: 7" and 9"; tackle a variety of o-ring tasks with our seal remover tools
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OEMTOOLS 27161 Noid Light Set, 8-Piece Automotive Tool Set, Diagnose Issues in Ignition or Fuel Injection Systems, Works with Nearly Every Modern Car
  • FUEL INJECTOR SYSTEM TESTER: The OEMTOOLS 8 Piece Noid Light Set allows you to test electrical impulses from the wiring harness to the fuel injectors; See-through design to check electrical pulses with test light
  • UNIVERSAL NOID LIGHT VERSATILITY: Noid light test kit works on the following system list: GM TBI, GM SCPI, GM PFI, Ford TBI, GEO TBI, Bosch PFI, Bosch Type 2, and GM Multec 2
  • EASY TO USE: Simply insert noid light connecters into each fuel injector wiring harness plug until you find the defective injector; Healthy injectors cause the noid lights to pulse with light; Unhealthy injectors will read as a solid light or as no light

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