Best OTC Automotive Tools

OTC (7394) Universal Hub Puller
  • Adjustable sliding arms
  • This puller makes wheel-hub removal quick, easy, and damage free
  • Maximum bolt circle of 7-1/2 inches
OTC 4461 6-Piece Automotive Terminal Release Tool Set with Case
  • Save time and money by repairing or rebuilding a wiring harness instead of having to order an entire OE replacement
  • Services most OE terminal connectors - simply insert the appropriate release tool to depress the locking tab and the individual wire slides out for service or replacement
  • No. 7737 Computer Edge Board and Header Release Tool - doubled ended for different applications; No. 7738 Weather Pack Sensor Terminal Release Tool; No. 7740 Micro-Style Terminal Release Tool
OTC 6007 Lower Control Arm Prying Tool
  • Installing a ball joint on a lower control arm typically requires the effort of two people
  • With this tool and our 7420 or 7421 pry bar or any 7/8" diameter pry bar it's a one-person job
  • Lifetime limited warranty
AUTOOL Universal Easy Intake Adapter for 12V Vehicle Pipes Fuel Leakage Detector Diagnositc Tester
  • This is an improved version of the attachment, with a steel ring removed at the end so that it can use a smaller pipe interface.Quick seal intake/exhaust easily,Universal intake adaptor can be used with any brand of smoke machine or diagnostic leak detector to reduce workload on a leak check.
  • Reduce workload in a leak check ,Compatible with any diagnostic leak detectors, It fits 100% of automobiles, from passenger car to heavy-duty trucks, to quickly leak test the integrity of the entire induction system with one simple procedure.
  • HIGH-QUALITY:Made from qualified materials,Quick intake adaptor is an inflatable block off bladder with a pressurized vapor pass-through that allows technicians to test an entire intake or exhaust systems quickly and easily.
OTC 6599 Universal Fuel Sender Lock Tool
  • Universal design allows tool to fit fuel tank lock rings on Ford Chrysler and GM vehicles
  • Tool easily removes and installs lock ring on the fuel tank when servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit
  • Used with a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar
OTC Tools 3209 Trilingual OBD II/EOBD & CAN Scan Tool with ABS/Airbag Codes and Definitions
  • Works with all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks (OBD II and CAN) & Features AutoID upon plugin to vehicle (most MY2000 and newer)
  • Airbag/SRS & ABS DTC Coverage – Domestic & Asian 1996-2013 vehicles & Record / Playback of live OBD II data stream for intermittent issues
  • Battery / Alternator / Charging System Monitor to confirm status of battery/alternator and if need changed or getting weak & All modes OBD II data including O2 sensor test, EVAP Leak Test
OTC Tools CEA-02 Assorted Cap Plug Kit
  • OTC Cap Plug Kit
  • These caps and plugs are used to seal the intake ducting of an automotive engine being tested with OTC's No. 6521 or 6522 Leak Tamer
  • 16 piece set includes multiple sizes to fit most applications
Bosch 1699200240 HDS 250 Heavy Duty Scan Tool Kit with Gas and Diesel Engine, Transmission, and ABS Coverage for Class 4-8 Vehicles
  • [HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS] - Read, diagnose and clear HD standard trouble codes on heavy-duty Class 4 - 8 vehicles with on screen text in English, Spanish, or French
  • [FULL COLOR DISPLAY] - Brilliant color display shows code descriptions and definitions, graphs live data MIDS/PIDS, and can record and playback data streams
  • [QUICK TEST] - 'Quick Test' pulls Global OBD II codes for data analysis and diagnosis
OTC Tools 4528 SAE and Metric Clutch Alignment Tool Kit - 17 Piece
  • Includes seven fractional pilot adapters, one clutch disc centering adapter and one alignment shaft
  • Includes five metric pilot adapters, two clutch disc centering adapters and one alignment shaft
  • Blow-molded storage case
OTC 5950A CrimPro 4-in-1 Angled Wire Service Tool with Crimper, Cutter, Stripper, Gripper
  • OTC's 4-in-1 Angled Wire Tool features a compact 7-inch design with an angled head that allows access to close quarters and facilitates superior crimps
  • The gripping nose pulls, twists, bends, and shapes
  • The crimper feature crimps 12-20 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire
OTC 4504 Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Kit
  • Designed for crack-free bubble flares on soft steel tubing used in automotive brake systems
  • Flaring bar and all the adapters needed for ISO bubble flaring
  • Forged yoke is made of heat-treated steel
OTC Disconnect Tool Set, Full Coverage
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Country of manufacture: Taiwan
  • Manufacturer: OTC
OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor
  • Manufacturer: OTC
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Country of manufacture: United States
OTC 4521 Automotive Hose Removal Tool
  • Unique tip easily fits between hose and fitting to break stubborn hoses loose
  • Large handle provides a good grip on tool during hose removal
  • Works on radiator hoses, heater hoses, transmission lines, and more - any place a rubber hose is clamped to a fitting
OTC 7491C Upper Control Arm Knock-out Tool
  • Removes the inserts on upper control arm alignment brackets
  • New and improved design has a self-centering knock-out for full punch removal with less tear
  • Services 1989-2001 Chevrolet and GMC 1/2 3/4 and 1-ton 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks and 1990-2002 all-wheel drive Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari vans
OTC Tools 2550 Key Fob Fixture
  • Used for removal and installation of the key blade pins in GM flip key fobs when replacing the fob and retaining the original key blade
  • Includes holding tray and drift pin to be used with a hammer
  • Eliminates damage to all parts
OTC Tools 6759 Flywheel Holding Tool
  • Holds the flywheel in place for servicing the balancer or flywheel bolts
  • Mounts in place of the starter and engages the flywheel ring gear teeth
  • Similar to EN-5792
OTC 5030 Heavy-Duty Truck Clutch Alignment Tool - 10-Spline, 1-3/4" OD, 1-1/4" Pilot
  • OTC's 10-Spline Truck Clutch Alignment Tool is designed for use when installing heavy-duty single, two-plate, push/pull, manual, and self-adjusting clutches
  • Tool is constructed of lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon that won't hang up in clutch disc splines
  • Rugged construction will easily support the weight of heavy clutch discs
OTC Tools 1580 Stinger 1,500 lbs Easy Roller Dolly
  • OTC's Easy Roller Dollies are a simple and efficient method of moving a disabled vehicle around a shop environment
  • Position an easy roller at each wheel of a vehicle weighing up to 6000 pounds then use the foot pedals to activate the hydraulic lift mechanisms
  • Within minutes, one individual can easily move the vehicle throughout the garage while protecting the floor from damage
OTC Tools 6707 Injector Seal Installer Adapter
  • Installs the 2 seals on the injector tip.
  • Kit contains 2 install tools to properly size the seal and install the seal in the proper groove on the injector tip for leak-free operation.
  • Similar to EN-5115.

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