Best Formula 1 Car Wax Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
Formula 1 Carnauba High-Gloss Shine Car Wax Paste – Carnauba Wax Car Polish for Car Detailing to Shine & Protect – Car Scratch Remover w/Micro Polishing Agents – Car Cleaning Supplies (8 oz)
  • The Superior Shine of Carnauba Wax: Formula 1 Carnauba Wax Car Paste contains pure carnauba, the world’s hardest wax. This natural polishing compound gives your car a glossy brand-new finish and water-beading protection that lasts
  • Advanced Micro Polishers: Our car wax polish helps bring out the true color of your car paint with its exclusive micro polishers that gently remove scratches from car surface and prevent dirt particles from sticking to it for a clear coat and a long-lasting shine.
  • Easy to Use: There’s no need to spend hours in a conventional car wash to keep your vehicle shining. With this paste wax, you just have to rub the car’s surface with a soft microfiber cloth, a towel, or a clay mitt, and it's ready to go!
SaleBestseller No. 2
Superior Products Formula 4 Spray Wax 1 Gal
  • Dilute 10 to 1 so can be used on over 100 cars per gallon
  • Excellent spot free rinse- drying agent- long last easy protective wax
  • Used by professional detailers, dealers, collectors
Bestseller No. 3
Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Car Wax – Carnauba Wax for High-Gloss Shine – 12 Months Protection Car Polish – Car Wax Polish with Advanced Micro Polishers – Car Detailing Supplies (16 oz)
  • Superior-Quality Carnauba Wax: Get the week’s dirt, bugs, and road gunk off your car with Formula 1’s car shine wax. Our polisher for car detailing is made from the leaves of the Carnauba palm tree which is the hardest wax known to man. It is specially formulated to be applied and wiped off easily, leaving water beading protection that lasts up to 12 months!
  • Advanced Micro Polishers: These exterior care products contain micro polishers that can pick up dirt particles and contaminants that normal car shampoo can’t. This car polisher for auto detailing helps to fill in and reduce the appearance of minor scratches and also clears haze on the finish.
  • High-Gloss Finish: Formula 1’s carnauba car wax helps to bring out the true color of your car’s paint. Safe for all finishes including clear coat, our liquid wax for cars revitalizes your automobile’s appearance and gives it that showroom shine!
Bestseller No. 4
Formula 1 Scratch Out Car Wax Polish Liquid (7 oz) - Car Scratch Remover for All Auto Paint Finishes - Polishing Compound for Moderate Scratches, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap & Swirl Remover
  • Advanced Micropolishers: Scratch Out car compound contains micro polishers that remove fine scratches and swirl marks on your car's coat finish. With each stroke of our polisher for car detailing you'll see the small scratches disappearing.
  • Renew Your Vehicle's Look & Color: With this unique liquid wax for car you can restore your car's paint color to a brighter, more vivid hue. Whether it's a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, Scratch Out car polish can make the paint finish look brand new.
  • Non-Abrasive Liquid Wax: Formula 1 scratch removal for cars contains powerful Carnauba wax that protects your car or motorcycle from water beading. Our car polisher liquid effectively and quickly removes car blemishes.
Bestseller No. 5
Formula 1 Black Car Wax to Erase Car Scratches & Swirls – Restore & Protect Black Car Paint – UV-Stable Pigment Car Detailing Wax w/Polishing Compound – Car Cleaning Supplies (16 oz)
  • Car Polish Advanced Formula: Restore the vividness of your black car paint with Formula 1 Black Wax for cars. Our exclusive cross-linked polymer technology creates a clear, durable coating that acts as an effective car wax polish that lasts two times longer.
  • High-Gloss Finish: Specifically designed for use on black paint cars, our premium wax polisher for car detailing provides a brand-new, wet-looking shiny black color as you first saw it at the showroom. Consider including it in your car accessories shopping list!
  • UV Protection: Keeping your automotive paint shining and protected against sun damage is possible with this black color match car polish. Our formula contains UV-stable color pigments that help restore the original tone of your vehicle’s exterior while providing strong resistance against water, dirt, and UV rays without the need of spending more on car paint repair.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Formula 1 Carnauba Car Wash and Wax, Car Cleaning Wax for Car Detailing w/Carnauba Wax to Protect & Shine – Long Lasting Car Exterior Cleaner to Remove Dirt & Grime – Car Detailing Supplies (64 oz)
  • Deep, Spotless Cleaning: Get the week’s dirt, bugs, and road gunk off your car with our wash and wax car cleaners special formula. Our polisher for car detailing has a rich foam that deep cleans and adds a carnauba wax shine as it washes! The cleaner wax is formulated to apply and wipe off easily, leaving water beading protection that lasts up to 12 months.
  • High Gloss Shine: Our premium-grade exterior care products provide a durable, long-lasting brightness. This foam car wash leaves behind a glossy finish with water-beading protection which makes maintaining your spotless wash easy, even after it rains.
  • Protects as It Cleans: This car wax cleaner not only acts as a cleaning agent; it also guards your vehicle against dirt and damage. After washing with Formula 1’s car wax polish, a protective layer of Carnauba will shield your car from dirt, grime, bugs, and tar.
Bestseller No. 7
Formula 1 Super Concentrated Car Wash and Wax – Car Wax for High-Gloss Shine – 100 Washes Cleaning Concentrate w/Carnauba Wax – Thick Foam Car Wash Accessories – Car Cleaning Supplies
  • Cleaner Wax Super Concentrated Formula: Get the week’s dirt, bugs, and road gunk off your car with our concentrated car wash. Our 100 foam car wash contains 4 times more cleaning power per ounce than other car wash products. This foam wax and wash is formulated to apply and wipe off easily, leaving water beading protection that lasts up to 12 months.
  • Deep, Spotless Clean: Our concentrated car wash wax has a thick, rich foam that cleans deeply. Our wax for cars washes not only the car’s surface, but also reaches deep into its recesses to remove bugs, tough dirt, tar, and road grime.
  • High-Gloss Shine: After washing your car, our premium-grade super wax cleaner will leave behind a durable glossy finish. In addition, this car wash foam will provide water beading protection.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Car Gods Black Carnauba Wax Polish 17fl Oz (500ml) - Pigmented Formula 3 in 1 Removes Surface Oxidation, Blemishes and Minor Scratches
  • 3 in 1: Diamond Black Wax restores, pigments and protects vehicle paintwork.
  • BRING BACK COLOUR: The formula contains tiny black pigments that help improve the look and color of all shades of black paintwork.
  • PROTECTIVE LAYER: Contains Carnauba Wax to leave a protective, hydrophobic layer - helping keep your paintwork cleaner for longer.
Bestseller No. 9
Formula 1 Super Car Wax Applicator Pad – Soft Polishing Pads Leave No Scratches – Reusable & Washable Car Wax Applicator Pads – Terry Cloth Applicator Pads for a Swirl-Free Shine (2 Pack, 3”)
  • Simple & Even Application: Our Formula 1 sponge applicator pads are great for spreading waxes and protectants! Our wax applicator and polisher pads are also ideal for applying polishes. They promote an even application across all surfaces, both on the inside and outside of your car. These 3” wax pads make car waxing and cleaning an easy task.
  • Soft & Absorbent: Our foam applicator pad is made with terry cloth for ultimate softness, absorbency, and longevity. These terry cloth pads are also good for applying glazes, sealants, dressings, and more.
  • Swirl-Free Shine: The soft terry cloth applicator terry pad won't scratch or leave swirl marks during application. These premium terry cloth pads use a special sewing process to make all the edges smooth for a scratch-free effect.
Bestseller No. 10
Formula 1 Bug and Tar Remover - Sap, Tar, Dirt & Bug Remover Car Detailing - Powerful Car Cleaner - Exterior Care Products Won’t Scratch Paint (16 oz)
  • REMOVES BUGS, TAR & MORE - Bugs often get stuck across car hoods and front bumpers, which damages a vehicle's paint and results in etching. Aside from bugs, contaminants such as tar, soil, tree sap, bird droppings, and unwanted stickers can also get stuck on cars. This auto-cleaning spray effectively removes bugs, tar, and tree sap from vehicles' exterior surfaces without tarnishing the paint
  • DEEP CLEANING – This cleaning agent penetrates the surface to reach a vehicle exterior’s inner layers. It quickly cleans and combats dirt and grime deeply and effectively. With this product, you’ll give your car an intense, full-surface wash that not only gives the feeling of a brand-new look and feel but also penetrates deep under the surface for a thorough cleaning
  • POWERFUL SOLVENT – Specially designed to provide deep cleaning to vehicles, this liquid agent features an innovative solution that is extremely potent and powerful against dirt and bugs. It is specifically engineered to remove contaminants and safely clean off the toughest residue

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