Protect All Car Wax Sales

SaleSale NO. 1
Meguiar's Cleaner Paste Wax Cleans, Shines and Protects in One Easy Step – A1214, 11 oz
  • CLEANER WAX: One-step paste wax cleans your paint while you wax
  • HIGH GLOSS SHINE: Rich conditioning oils polish and protect, leaving finish with a high gloss shine
  • SAFE ON ALL GLOSSY FINISHES: Safely and effectively cleans surface contaminants and blemishes from all glossy paint finishes including clear coats and single-stage paint
SaleSale NO. 2
MEGUIAR'S G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax, 26 Fluid Ounces
  • ONE EASY STEP: Premium formula conveniently and gently washes and adds wax protection in one easy step. Can be used anywhere with no hose, bucket, or rinsing
  • WATER SPOT-FREE: Advanced chemistry contains a water spot-free formula coupled with a high-lubricity that protects the surface against swirling and scratching as it gently cleans
  • LONG-LASTING BARRIER: Advanced polymer chemistry leaves behind a glossy, synthetic wax barrier that lasts weeks
SaleSale NO. 3
SALE (we're changing bottle style!) RP.11 - HYBRID - 18% Silex-Ceramic SiO2 & High Grade Carnauba Wax - Waterless Detailer & Cleaner, Spray Longevity Polish16oz + free GLOZ sample
  • PROTECTION – SiO2 Polysiloxane nano-ceramic, polymer sealer, carnauba blended high lubricity waterless detail spray & fine polish. PROTECTION – Polysilazane nano-ceramic, extreme hydrophobic properties, 2-micron clear dry film, pencil hardness 7H. Renew Protect products are designed for maximum protection and longevity. This reduces your need to buy new products and repeat applications.
  • LONGEVITY – Provides hydrophobic properties, enhanced gloss and depth of color, high gloss for 3 to 4 months.
  • PERFECTION – Use for regular cleaning, fine finish polish, ceramic maintenance, and seal.
SaleSale NO. 4
Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax – Creates a Deep Dazzling Shine – G7014J, 11 oz
  • PASTE WAX FOR HIGH SHINE: Luxurious blend of carnauba wax and polymers creates strong, long-lasting protection to preserve your finish with a brilliant reflective shine
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Special blend of carnauba and protecting polymers is safe and effective on clear coats and all glossy paint types
  • BETTER GLOW: Improved formula creates an even more brilliant shine and deeper reflections

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