Best Stoner Car Care Car Wax Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
Stoner Car Care 92034 Trim Shine Protectant - 22-Ounce
  • BRIGHTENS AND REJUVENATES: Stoner Car Care’s Trim Shine Protectant 92034 is engineered to rejuvenate and brighten interior and exterior trims. It’s perfect for dashboards, window trims, bumper grills, seats, and more.
  • RESTORES COLOR AND BRILLIANCE: This long-lasting formula penetrates deep into interior and exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber products to restore the vibrance and color they had when they were new.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV AND SUNLIGHT: Trim Shine Protectant provides a durable and long-lasting layer of sunlight and UV ray protection that reduces fading, cracking, and discoloration over time.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Stoner Car Care 91154 10-Ounce Tarminator Tar, Sap, and Asphalt Remover Safe on Automotive Paint and Chrome on Cars, Trucks, RVs, Motorcycles, and Boats, Pack of 1
  • QUICKLY REMOVE TAR: Stoner Car Care’s Tarminator 91154 goes to work quickly to remove tar, sap, and asphalt. The MicroActive cleaning technology breaks down tough grime quickly for easy removal.
  • SAFE FOR CLEARCOATS: Unlike most harsh chemical cleaners, Tarminator is easy on paint and safe to use on clear coats. The powerful cleaning action of this effective tar remover is gentle on surfaces.
  • USE SAFELY ON PAINT AND CHROME: For car owners with chrome bumpers, finding a powerful tar, sap, and asphalt remover that will not dull the chrome finish is tricky. Tarminator is made to use on both chrome and paint without causing damage.
Bestseller No. 3
Stoner Car Care 91354 Speed Bead Quick Detailer - 15-Ounce
  • Stoner Car Care Pro Speed Bead Quick Detailer - 15-Ounce Offers A One-Step Quick Wax That Cleans, Shines, And Protects Clear Coat, Lacquer, Acrylic, And Enamel Finishes All In One Step
  • There Is No A Faster Or Easier Way To Make Painted Surfaces Sparkle And Shine Than Using Speed Bead
  • Through Creativity, Productivity And Innovation - This Brand Continues To Develop The Finest Automotive Accessories
Bestseller No. 4
Stoner Car Care 95410 Visible Shine Synthetic Polymer Sealant - Incredibly Reflective Shine and Long Lasting Protection Against Harmful UV Sunlight
  • 1-STEP PROTECTION: Seal in shine and protect in one easy step. Superior gloss finish makes colors appear deeper. Our polymer sealant contains no wax, which burns off in sunlight. Will not stain rubber or vinyl.
  • HIGH-SHINE: The gorgeous glasslike finish lasts longer than natural sealant wax. Visible Shine polymer sealant seals out UV sunlight better than carnauba wax. Trusted and loved by car-care experts!
  • LONG-LASTING: Stone Car Care’s Polymer Sealant contains synthetic micropolymers that form a tight chemical bond that outlasts waxes. Holds up to heat without melting off.
Bestseller No. 5
Stoner Car Care 91215 48-Ounce Visible Shine Coating Wash is a 2-in-1 Car Wash and Car Wax, Carnauba Wax to Polish and Wax Your Car, Pack of 1
  • PERFECT 2-IN-1 CAR WASH AND WAX: Stoner Care Visible Shine Coating Wash contains cleaning agents, synthetic lubricants, and durable polymers to clean and coat your vehicle in one easy step.
  • RICH LUXURIOUS SUDS: Visible Shine car cleaning formula produces foaming suds that gently lift away dirt that can cause scratches and swirls. It is safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats.
  • HYDROPHOBIC TECHNOLOGY: Our car wash soap and wax solution contains synthetic polymers that facilitate water beading on your paint. This hydrophobic technology repels water and enhances the drying process.
Bestseller No. 6
Stoner Car Care 91134 18-Ounce Trim Cleaner All-Purpose Fast Acting Foaming Cleaner Quickly Removes Grime and Stains To Restore Automotive Interiors, Pack of 1
  • ALL-PURPOSE FOAMING TRIM CLEANER: Stoner Car Care Trim Cleaner is an all-purpose foam cleaner that is perfect for deep cleaning in your vehicle, boat, or home. It is fast acting, dries quickly, and does not leave any greasy residue or film.
  • REMOVES GRIME AND STAINS: Trim Cleaner is a perfect car cleaner for restoring true color and appearance to automotive interiors. It removes dirt and grime from plastic trim, vinyl consoles, and rubber floor mats.
  • POWERFUL FOAMING ACTION: Trim Cleaner interior cleaner uses powerful foaming action that lifts dirt and grime with ease. The powerful foam will not run or drip and concentrates the cleaning action where it's needed.
Bestseller No. 7
Stoner Car Care 91034-12PK 12-Ounce Trim Shine Protectant Aerosol Restores Dull or Faded Interior and Exterior Plastic Renew Bumpers, Running Boards, and More, Pack of 12
  • Includes twelve 12-ounce aerosol cans
  • Offers a perfect solution for hard-to-reach areas like dashboards and under the hood
  • Features a wipe free aerosol technology - Simply spray and walk away
Bestseller No. 8
Stoner Car Care 91044 12-Ounce More Shine Original Tire Dressing Spray for Tire and Wheel Care and Long Lasting Tire Shine Rain Resistant Make Faded Tires Look New, Pack of 1
  • QUICKLY MAKE TIRES LOOK BRAND NEW: Stoner Car Care More Shine Original Tire Dressing is a tire cleaner and tire shine solution that adds a deep, dark luster to tires without making them greasy or slimy.
  • CONVENIENT TIRE SHINE SPRAY: More Shine Original won’t run, drip, or sling onto paint. The convenient aerosol application eliminates wiping, messy rags, and dirty or greasy hands. (NON-CARB compliant and not for sale in CA, NV, UT, or AZ.)
  • LONG LASTING AND RAIN RESISTANT: Our tire cleaner withstands several rains and will not attract dirt. It contains no water or surfactants that easily wash off. This car care product rejuvenates rubber and adds UV protection.
Bestseller No. 9
Stoner Car Care 92354-6PK Speed Bead Quick Detailer - 132-Fluid Ounces 6-Pack
  • Includes six 22-ounce bottles
  • Sprays on fast and wipes off easy
  • Amazing beading action protects and preserves Automotive finishes
Bestseller No. 10
Stoner 91354 Speed Bead One Step Quick Wax - 15 oz. Aerosol Can, Pack of 12
  • Sold in case pack of 12
  • Sprays on Fast, wipes off easy!
  • Amazing beading action protects and preserves automotive finishes
Bestseller No. 11
Stoner Car Care Pro A538PL Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner - 5-Gallon
  • Concentrated, water-based, high pH cleaner for Tires, Wheels, Engines, Vinyl, Machinery, and more
  • Suitable for use in pressure washers
  • Removes wax build-up
Bestseller No. 12
Stoner Car Care 95401 Bug Eraser Car-Cleaning Wipes, Removes Bugs Fast and Easy, Safe for All Automotive Surfaces, 10 Eraser Wipes, Pack of 1
  • REMOVES BUGS FAST AND EASILY: Stoner Car Care bug wipes effortlessly remove baked-on bugs including love bugs, bird droppings, and road grime. They contain no harmful solvents or degreasers that can harm automotive surfaces.
  • NO-SCRATCH FORMULA: Our bug remover car-cleaning wipes contain a softening agent that loosens bugs and lubricates paint finishes while synthetic microfibers grab and lift off bugs with ease and without scratching.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AUTOMOTIVE SURFACES: These wipes will not scratch or cause swirl marks on paint the way netted bug sponges or course foam blocks can. Our bug wipes are safe for grills, bumpers, clear coats, chrome, and all other vehicle surfaces.
Bestseller No. 13
CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The Ultimate Solution for Bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Back to Life! - 8 oz Kit
  • – RESULTS THAT LAST! – Are you tired of wasting time and money on plastic restorers that claim to last long? They always look great in the beginning... only to fade after a few days, or maybe a month if it’s decent! Our product will renew, seal and protect any interior or exterior surface and WILL LAST.. for several MONTHS!! How do we do it?! Our product contains a newly PATENTED additive that boosts longevity! Stop purchasing cheap junk with false claims, our product will out last all of them!
  • – SURVIVES RAIN! – Does this sound familiar? You spent all that time perfectly applying a new product and it looks great! Wow, you finally found the one! BUT… after the first rain-fall you look in disgust at yet another crappy product that left ugly streaks down the side of your beautiful vehicle... STOP THE MADNESS! Our product repels water and stays looking good for several months! Never again will you feel that disappointment!
  • – NO MORE OILY MESS! – Do you hate all the oily, greasy gel dressing products that stay wet and never fully dry? That describes about 90% of the plastic and trim restorers on the market today! Well lucky you! We made a product that will restore and leave a great finish, but more importantly, it will completely dry to the touch! No more ruining your detailing towels and supplies with cheap oil based products!
Bestseller No. 14
MASTERSON'S CAR CARE MCC_106_128 Waterless Wash & Shine (16 oz.)
  • Wash any car without using water
  • Environmentally friendly formula cleans, shines, and protects
  • Cleans away dirt, grime, bird droppings, water spots, oxidation, and contamination
Bestseller No. 15
Stoner Car Care Pro B548PL Concentrated Wheel and Tire Cleaner - 5-Gallon
  • Concentrated, heavy-duty, non-acidic formula for wheels, rims, tires, and engines
  • Powerful formula quickly cuts through tough road grime
  • For automatic or self-service equipment
Bestseller No. 16
Stoner 91154-6PK Bug and Tarminator Bug/Tar/Sap/Grease Remover - 10 oz., (Pack of 6)
  • Tarminator breaks down the complex molecules found in tar and other sticky materials
  • This unique MicroActive cleaning technology gives Tarminator unequaled ability to remove even baked-on tar, grease, sap, and asphalt
Bestseller No. 17
Stoner Car Care 91053 More Shine Less Time Protectant - 9-Ounce
  • Aerosol Can Is The Fast And Easy Way To Restore Shine And Color To Dull Or Faded Rubber, Vinyl, And Plastic Surfaces
  • Package Dimensions: 6.604 L x 19.304 H x 6.604 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight : 0.363 kilograms
Bestseller No. 18
Stoner Car Care 95400 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for 3-in-1 Car Interior Cleaner to Rehydrate Protect and Preserve Leather Surfaces, Pack of 1
  • 3-IN-ONE LEATHER CARE: Stoner Car Care Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is strong enough to remove tough grime, yet gentle enough to avoid degrading the strength and flexibility of the leather. It cleans, conditions, and protects leather and vinyl.
  • CONDITIONS AND REHYDRATES: Our leather cleaner contains enriched conditioners that penetrate deep to replenish natural oils and moisture. The premium blend of natural oils and lanolin rehydrates leather and preserves its quality and flexibility.
  • PROTECTS AND PRESERVES: UV inhibitors resist heat and sunlight to prevent drying, fading, and cracking. This leather cleaner and conditioner contains no petroleum distillates, wax, or silicone, which can degrade leather finish and attract dirt.
Bestseller No. 19
Car Care Haven Bug Remover X (Kit: 16oz + Microfiber Mesh Bug Sponge) Car Bug Remover & RV Bug Cleaner - Tar, Goo, Road Grime, Tree Sap, Bird Poop & Bug Remover Spray for Car, Bike, Truck, & More!
  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVES BUGS - This bug cleaner is made especially for helping you rid your car of hard-to-remove bugs. It's also great at removing tar, goo, and grime off of your windshield, side mirrors, and hood
  • EASY TO USE - Simply spray and soak affected areas with our bug solution, then gently wipe it off with the MICROFIBER MESH BUG SPONGE CAR SCRUBBER included as a BONUS with the 16oz bottle!
  • GENTLE CARE - This bug remover for cars melts away splatter with minimal effort, all while being gentle on your vehicle. You can use it on all exterior surfaces without damaging the paint.
Bestseller No. 20
845100 Mesh Bug Sponge Cleaning Wash Sponge - 4 Inch x 6 Inch - Colors Vary
  • Unique microfiber mesh safely removes stubborn debris from glass and paint
  • High density sponge holds plenty of car wash solution
  • Perfect when you need extra scrubbing power

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