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From food and treats to toys and accessories, we have everything you need to ensure your furry, feathered or scaly friend stays happy and healthy. With everything from food and treats to toys and accessories, we guarantee your pet the best care available.

No matter if you own a dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile or small mammal – we have the products and expertise to provide your furry family member the best care possible. We understand that your furry friend is part of your family; let us help ensure they live a life worth celebrating!

Thank you for choosing us for all of your pet supply needs. We look forward to assisting you and your furry, feathered or scaly pal.

Questions about pet supplies

What are the basic supplies I need for a new pet?

What basic supplies you will need for a new pet depends on the species of animal you select. However, some items that may be essential across most pets include:

  • Food and water dishes
  • A collar and leash (for dogs) or carrier (for small pets)
  • Bed/crate or bed for dogs/small pets
  • Litter box for cats or cage for small pets
  • Toys and treats
  • Grooming kit such as brush/comb will all help complete your pet’s grooming regimen

It’s also wise to have a first aid kit handy in case of any emergencies.

How often should I change my pet's food?

When it comes to changing your pet’s food, there are several factors to consider, including their age, size and health. It is generally recommended that you follow the directions on the pet food packaging as well as consult your veterinarian for specific advice. Some pets can thrive on one type of food throughout their entire lives while others may need to switch types due to aging or certain medical conditions.

How can I choose the best food for my pet?

Selecting the ideal food for your pet can be a daunting task with so many choices available. Here are some tips to help you select the right food:

  • Consult Your Veterinarian: Your veterinarian is an invaluable resource for advice on selecting the correct food for your pet, taking into account their individual needs and any health conditions they may have. They can offer tailored recommendations based on these factors.
  • Search for a high-quality brand: Look for a company that uses only premium ingredients and avoids fillers or artificial additives.
  • Consider your pet’s age and size: Different foods are designed for various life stages (puppy, adult or senior) as well as breed sizes (small breed or large). Make sure the food you select is appropriate for both of these factors.
  • Check the ingredient list: The initial few items should be high-quality sources of protein, such as meat or fish. Be wary of foods that list corn, wheat or soy as their first few components since these can often serve as cheap fillers.

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