If you’re short on money this Summer, gifts for weddings, graduations and birthdays get become overwhelming and too pricey. Here are some ideas we’ve collected to help ease your search. Enjoy the Top Ten Gifts of 2018 for under $20!

1. Luxury Combed Cotton Bring Me Some Wine Novelty Socks

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Luxury Combed Cotton Bring Me Some Wine Novelty Socks

Made from 80% Combed Cotton, these non-slip socks will leave the recipient of your gift feeling simultaneously relaxed and ready to party as they sip on the wine of their choice.   Whether alone or in the accompaniment of others, guess who will be the hero of the Wine Night?! Yeah. You.

These original novelty socks are under $20 on Amazon, so you could probably buy another item to compliment this if the gift you are giving is for an intimate partner or really close friend.  Oh wow, look at gift #2, that will go nicely won’t it?


2. Vegan Bath Bombs (Made in the USA)

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Vegan Bath Bombs (Made in the USA)

These Bath Bombs are colorful, plentiful, and affordable under $20 on Amazon Prime.  With a price like that, your friend, family member, husband or wife will absolutely forget any stress that life threw their way this week as they bask in the natural aromas of these vegan made bath bombs.  Individually packaged, these 8 bath bombs are each crafted with ingredients to promote natural healing. Made with Shea Butter and Essential Oils, your loved (or really really good friend, but come on who we kidding) will never have a trace of itchy or irritating skin again.  And less irritated skin means less stress for them. And less stress for them means less stress for you. Did we mention that there are 8 in total? That’s one for every night of the week, plus another just to make you look even better.


3. Cut Resistant Gloves

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Tired of going to the hospital?  Well if you have any money left over from what you spent on your last medical bill you might consider purchasing these Cut Resistant gloves!  (And maybe buy another pair to gift to a friend or loved one. Save a life. Also help them eat their vegetables. It’s a two-for-one no brainer) Your friend or family member can now cut any vegetables, fruits, meats or even wood to complete that treehouse they promised their spoiled kids they’d make.  Save a life, make their kids happy. Buy the gloves.


4. Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver

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Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver

If you didn’t purchase the last gift for your S.O. or BFF, well, it’s okay.  On their way to the local hospital they can listen to great tunes and even give you a status report via bluetooth because you bought them this awesome gift!  Price? It’s actually only $18, which beats any price you’ll find at Best Buy or Radio Shack. Oh and did we mention it’s a bestseller on Amazon? It might just be the best $20 you ever spent.


5. Calm the F$&k Down coloring book

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Calm the F$&k Down coloring book

A coloring book, but for adults!  It seems pretty self-explanatory, but “Calm The F*[email protected] Down” might be able to relieve you of any stress you may be feeling your life (all the while saving you thousands of dollars on therapy or much needed vacations) Whether it be a gag gift for a friend or relative, this one is sure to please.  And hey, if you’re worried about buying it, calm the f*[email protected] down! Its way below $20 on Amazon.


6. Good Day/Bad Day shot glass

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Good Day/Bad Day shot glass

If the recipient of your gift is a temperamental drinker, or even if they don’t drink much at all, this hilarious shot glass may be the right gift to give them, especially if they are having a tough time in their job or personal life.  Maybe this gift might brighten up their day. Price? Under $20 on Amazon.


7. Handmade All Natural Herbal Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

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Handmade All Natural Herbal Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

Made of 100% natural ingredients, such as coconut and palm oils, olive, Dead Sea mud, jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, and peppermint oils.  Better than any other soap bar you’ll find at Bed Bath and Beyond, this Dead Sea Mud soap will not only clean the skin, but nourish, and soothe its impurities, improve elasticity, all the while minimizing wrinkles, pores and lines.  It’s a huge bar of soap, so if you’re the one who buys most of the bath products in the relationship, you ought to buy yourself and your partner one each since it costs less than $20 on Amazon and will last for a while.


8. Rick and Morty Poster

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Rick and Morty Poster

If you didn’t read the poster, you probably noticed one of the most mainstream characters in pop culture and television entertainment today: Morty from Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty”.  (The show just got renewed for 70 more episodes…so it looks like the creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland got their shit together) So if you know a friend or loved one who absolutely loves Rick and Morty… then this a great gift, specifically if they tend to watch a little too much TV and need to focus on their goals and aspirations… or if they just need a funny mantra to live their life by.


9. Live Your Dream Charm Bracelet Graduation Gift – Stainless Steel Expandable Bangle

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Live Your Dream Charm Bracelet Graduation Gift – Stainless Steel Expandable Bangle

It’s that time of the year.  That’s right. Graduation. And for 2018, if you have a high school or college graduate in the family, you might consider getting her this charm bracelet to commemorate her great achievement.  Made of stainless steel and expandable, the bracelet will last without tarnishing. Under $20 on Amazon, this bracelet comes in a drawstring gift pouch, so you don’t have to worry about buying a gift bag or box.  


10. Baby’s First Thor’s Mjolnir Battle Rattle Hammer!

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Baby’s First Thor’s Mjolnir Battle Rattle Hammer!

Okay.  This gift is for newborn babies.  But it’s only $15 so it’s going on the list!  With the release of “Avengers: Infinity War” this past month, I think it is safe to say that Thor was a beast.  And when considering that the film was the highest grossing movie of all time, and has made over 1.5 BILLION dollars, it’s likely that either you, your S.O. and/or your good friends, or family, are huge Marvel/Avengers fans.  And if you or your friends/family members are expecting or have just had a newborn baby, the question remains… why not get the kid up to speed? Start em off right! If you, or someone you know, loves Marvel, the Avengers, even…ugh the terrible Ant Man or forgive us, Scarlett Johansson’s acting choices (to each their own) then you must do the responsible thing.  BUY THEM THIS amazing baby rattle. Babies, believe me, are “worthy” of it. (If you don’t understand that reference, then maybe this gift is not suitable for you)

See?  That wasn’t so bad.  Didn’t break the bank either, did it? (Sarcasm, we know it didn’t)  Hope you enjoyed our list and have a great Summer! See you next year for the Top 10 Gifts of 2019!