Looking for that anniversary gift but just lost your job?  Looking for that birthday gift but your wallet got robbed? Wanna buy that can of corn but it was cheaper to buy on the cob?  Well, then do we have a list for you. Here are the 10 best gifts for under $50 in 2018. And we promise we won’t continue to make dumb rhymes.


1. Patchouli Rose Bath Salts | 100% Natural | Large Apothecary Bottle

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Patchouli Rose Bath Salts

Beautiful Patchouli & Rose scented Bath salts are the perfect gift to give to your friends, family or intimate partners.  At only $30, these bath salts are packaged in a cute apothecary bottle just waiting to be opened so the user can feel purely pampered as they soak in the mineral rich waters enriched with epsom salts, Scannable Fake IDs,rose petals, and geranium oil blend.

2. Wooden Docking Station

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Wooden Docking Station

This gift is perfect for your boyfriend, son, brother, or father.  (Father’s Day is June 17th) Especially if they are unorganized individuals, this Wooden Docking Station not only de-clutterizes the nightstand, it’s fashionably aesthetic all the while conveniently practical for whoever uses it.  Feeling your gift recipient feeling like James Bond, Tony Stark or Elon Musk, this sleek product has a space for the users phone, wrist watch, notebook, iPad (Or Windows Surface/Kindle Fire/Nook), smartphone,Fake IDs, wallet and credit cards, and even a coaster.  For their morning coffee before a hard days work. (Or for their evening whiskey, after their hard days work- Whatever gets em through the day, really)

And the best part? It’s only $35

3. International Power Adapter

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International Power Adapter

This gift is perfect for that friend who always travels or lives in multiple locations.  Why? It has 4 different charging ports for all their travel destinations! Or, if you’re planning on surprising a loved one with a vacation to another country, this might be the sure gift to break it to them.  After all, you’re going to need something to charge your phone so you can Instagram and Snapchat all the moments on the trip! And the best part? It’s far under $50.

4. E-Tronic Runners Waist Belt

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E-Tronic Runners Waist Belt

Also perfect for that friend who is always traveling!  This runners waist belt is the sleeker version of the fanny pack, without the laughs and embarrassment that go along with it.  Whether your friend is a runner or not, if they are always on the go, you might consider gifting them this waist belt. It holds any smartphone, small water bottle, cash and debit or credit cards.  For under $50 on Amazon, this gift is simply a no brainer.

5. Bedside Touch Lamp

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Bedside Touch Lamp

The coolest cordless speaker you can find out there.  (And its 50% off at only $25!) A perfect gift for people on any age, ranging from pre-teens to young adults.  Did we mention its bluetooth? That means no wires and no fuss. Plus, the lamp is touch-activated and even changes colors!  A perfect gift for music lovers, and at half the price, you could even buy one for yourself!

6. Large Laptop Backpack

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Large Laptop Backpack

It’s the end of the school year and it’s safe to say that most backpacks are RIP or, at least, hand-me-down worthy.  So, if someone you know is going to school this Summer or this upcoming Fall of 2018, you might consider gifting them this amazing backpack!  It comes equipped with a USB port to hold the laptop (fits any laptop up to 17-inches!) it’s designed to hold and protect for all your business travel needs!

7. Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds)

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Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds)

These amazing earbuds are wireless, noise cancelling, waterproof and sweatproof!  The perfect gift for anyone who likes to exercise and doesn’t want the hassle of untangling wires!

8. Bluetooth Headphones (Over Ear)

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Bluetooth Headphones (Over Ear)

Earbuds not doing it for you?  No problem. We found a great alternative in these durable, comfortable over ear headphones. They are compact, are equipped with a built-in mic and foldable and come with an optional wire to plug in to any laptop.

9. Mini Underwater Camera

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Mini Underwater Camera

This camera works underwater.  Buy it for yourself for crying out loud.  It shoots in 4K, and boasts 170° wide angle, and once again, takes pictures and video UNDERWATER..  Oh yeah and…it’s under $50. You have no excuse. Anyone who likes to take quality pictures, especially poolside or at the beach, will love this gift!

10. Roku Streaming Stick

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Roku Streaming Stick

This Roku remote is state of the art. Fake IDs Got no hands free or don’t wanna move ‘em?  No problem. The remote is VOICE ACTIVATED. Easy to use and set up, all the user has to do is plug it into the HDMi port on their HDTV and they will have access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows.  Oh, Roku also has a mobile app available on iOS and Android phone. Its free. Price for the remote? Under $50 if you buy on Amazon.