1. Introduction

    Having a fake ID is not that bad as it sounds. Relax! I know what I am saying. As keeping a fake ID doesn’t come under Felony. It is just a misdemeanor of forgery. But it can give you fun and entertainment sometimes. It is better to be called ‘A risky excitement.’

    Cheers to Teenagers

    The most common age group who uses Fake ID is teenager. There are multiple reasons for this activity among teens. Some areas quoted below,

    • Teenagers love exploring things just for fun without any long term planning.

    • They are unaware of the serious consequence of their activities.

    • Their thinking abilities are their peak, and they want to discover everything.

    • They want to be 21 before their time.

    • Buying alcohol and cigarette is their fantasy.

    • An adult club membership is their dream.

    So there are plenty of reasons why the trend is common among teenagers. But they are not always teenagers who search for ‘Where to buy fake IDs,’ but people from all age groups at some point in their life has done this. Because having a fake ID can be a fun game. Let’s discover how exciting this can be!

    How to get a fake ID?

    1. The fun starts as soon as you try making a Fake ID. You have to do research where to buy fake IDs online or you ask your friends about the best sellers in town. Or you can make it yourself. Making a fake ID is challenging. People who like to take challenges find excitement in creating a totally fake ID. You have to observe all the minor details in a real ID. The texture of the card shouldn’t be disturbed; photo pasting should be uniform. Dates should be logically adjusted. And finally, when fake ID is ready, you can critically recheck to find how skillful you are.

    2. If you are not skillful enough to do it by yourself, then buy a money box. Why money box? No one is going to make a fake ID free for you, not even your own siblings. Save enough money to buy a fake ID. You never know how much you are charged for this. If you get really expert in making a fake ID. Have some income of your own. After all, you need money to buy alcohol and tickets of that show you are always thinking about.

    Major Benefits of having a Fake ID

    1. You can avail the offers that 21 brings for you. For example, buying alcohol on your own (with letting your Dad know), buying cigarette and attending your favorite shows (21 + only), getting a membership of adult bar, access to adult content and renting your own apartment.

    2. You can drive your favorite car or bike on roads and go on a road trip with your friends or can wander on roads all night. Just make sure your foot reach to brakes properly. Oops! Need a high sole shoe?

    3. Do you have an over concerned mother? If yes then have all the fun of 21 before 21. As the mother is totally not worried that you are wasting your life and health. She doesn’t ask all the questions like where have you been? Are you sure you are not on alcohol? She thinks you were studying late with friends. But once you hit 21! Get ready for questions and responsibilities.

    4. Do you have grocery stores that keep your ID if you don’t have cash/credit card to pay the bill? Isn’t it exciting to buy chocolates, cakes, alcohol and all the favorite things for you and your gang and letting someone else pay your bill? Just make sure that fake ID is not your dad’s real ID. You may be saved from cops but who will save you from your Dad?

    Change in personality

    1. You have to think about your dressing all the time. Selecting suitable items from your wardrobe that make your sweet sixteen faces to look 21. That’s challenging though! You may have to go shopping and buy a few things that your parents didn’t buy you. Who doesn’t want a hotter look?

    2. There is no concept of good or bad alcohol in your mind. It just all about alcohol being served. No matter how it tastes, not worrying if the money goes waste. Feels good?

    1. The first time you successfully dodge that angry old bouncer, you will feel proud of yourself. That mini celebration inside you will be a lasting memory. You will love talking about in a group of friends, telling them how you accomplished the mission! (Just like you survived the battle)

    Knowing people better

    1. A crime partner is a real friend, they say. At this time you realize who your true friends are. Who keeps your secrets, who bucks you up and who give better ideas. What is better than having a better judgment at these early years of the age? Select your friends for 21 before you reach there.

    Explore your talent

    1. You have your acting skills polished. It is never easy to be a sexy and hot and then sweet little mom’s girl at the same time. You enjoy both lives side by side. A cool young lady in friends and young school teen at home who doesn’t have to take many responsibilities.


    If you do not indulge in a felony then having a fake ID can be fun in many ways. Just learn a few smart tricks and use your brain in time.FakeYourDrank is known as the ID GOD of making IDs.